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Green Hectares

For young farmers, here’s a new model in education through networking and mentoring

Reading Time: 5 minutes Matthew Gould apologizes for taking a second while telling me about Green Hectares to check if his post digger has gotten clogged with mud again. “It’s still a little wet in places out here,” he explains, although I quickly come to see that nothing could be more fitting. After all, he isn’t just vice-chair of […] Read more

Editor’s Desk: One boy at a time

Reading Time: 2 minutes As associate editor Gord Gilmour reports in the November 2014 issue of Country Guide, more women than men now attend our ag universities. I’m not being alarmist — at least, I hope I’m not — and I’m not a zealot for absolute gender equality in every job or every outcome. I note the irony too […] Read more

Mary Buhr, Dean of the College of Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan

A woman’s place

Agriculture used to be a man’s world, at least in North America. But visit any agriculture college across the country and you’ll see that the times have already changed

Reading Time: 7 minutes At the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Agriculture, Dean Mary Buhr doesn’t spend much time fretting over whether women are being accepted in the agriculture industry. Long gone are the days when female students were seen as a novelty or as brave trailblazers. These days, they’re just students, and Buhr is surrounded every day by […] Read more