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Making a place for the next generation

For the Massicotte family, the path to successful farm transition is built on finding good people, instilling passion and knowledge and clear, open communication. Highlights: • Managing a business to transfer vs. to sell takes totally different mindsets • Transferring a farm means making space for others early on • Continuous, clear communication is key […] Read more

Why Canadian agriculture should take notice of global trends

J.P. Gervais, FCC Vice President and Chief Agricultural Economist explains why it’s critical to monitor income growth when paying attention global economic trends. •We’re in an era where new regional alliances are formed and trade partnerships are being reassessed •Little economic fluctuations in China can have large impact on commodity price •India’s GDP and population […] Read more

Precision ag workshop comes to Southport

Alexis Stockford, reporter for the Manitoba Co-operator, visited Southport on Dec. 12 for a precision agriculture workshop, an event attended by industry representatives, agricultural consultants and producers.

Your national 2018 winter weather outlook

Meteorologist and storm hunter Mark Robinson from the Weather Network on what you can expect this winter across Canada and how it could impact the 2018 growing season. •More storms moving through Canada will lend to a classic Canadian winter •Southern prairies will see below-average temperatures and above-average precipitation •Prairies and southern Ontario can expect […] Read more

Rating soybean maturity with pulse crop specialist Dennis Lange

Seed Manitoba 2017, available now at Manitoba Agriculture offices, has a variety of valuable information – such as soybean maturity – to help farmers decide which soybean varieties to grow. Last September, Manitoba Agriculture’s pulse crop specialist Dennis Lange talked with reporter Allan Dawson about how soybean maturity ratings are made.