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Repairing precision ag tools and the digital divide

Reading Time: < 1 minute Farmers and equipment dealers look for clarity on equipment repairs vs. modifications Eric Wareham, VP of Government Affairs with the Western Equipment Dealers Association, addresses the low number of qualified farm technicians and a lacking digital infrastructure. Wareham was recently in Winnipeg at CropConnect 2020 where he presented on the ‘Right to Repair,’ which stressed […] Read more

Mar 1 to 15: Bindapt – A quick and easy-to-use grain drying solution

Adaptive Ag's system of plates and thermostats uses real-time data monitoring and cloud software to help control the amount of heat entering your grain bin while using a construction heater. Owner Steve Rogoschewsky talks about how the Bindapt system works and how it helped Manitoba farmers after a difficult 2019 harvest. Video by Greg Berg.

Reading Time: < 1 minute