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Brad Glasman, left, and Craig Merkley, both of the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, have been working for years to establish a demonstration farm.

Controlled drainage showcased on Ontario demo farm

Farm near Thorndale has numerous drainage and soil health practices to see

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Drainage contractors were hard at work at a farm just west of Thorndale in early June, creating a showcase tile drainage project. Numerous drainage systems and cropping best practices will be demonstrated at the farm, owned by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA). Why it matters: Drainage is important to profitability on […] Read more

Total farm assets in Alberta rose by just over $8 billion and nearly all of it was due to a jump in the value of land.

The value of Alberta farms rises again

Rising land prices – fuelled by higher crop prices – up by $8 billion but debt also rose in 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – You’re richer than you think — and you owe more, too. That could be the theme of StatsCan’s latest snapshot of farm equity, the number you get when subtracting farm debts from the value of assets. If you had put all of the assets of every farm in Canada on the auction […] Read more

If inflation returns in earnest, so could higher interest rates that could impact your farm's financial health.

Interest rates biggest farm finance risk

Farm Credit Canada says the pace of debt growth has slowed but farmers need to have an interest rate risk management plan

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – The expansion of Canada’s farm debt continued, but at its lowest pace in six years. Meanwhile Farm Credit Canada’s chief economist says that the potential for higher interest rates is the “darkest cloud” in that otherwise optimistic picture. Statistics Canada data showed outstanding Canadian farm debt increased by 5.9 per cent to […] Read more

On-farm slaughter licences diversify the food system, put more money in the pockets of producers, and have strong support from many consumers, says Blake Hall of Prairie Gold Pastured Meats (seen here) and Ian Griebel of Redtail Farms.

Demand for on-farm slaughter licences soars after rule change

Consumers, and the pandemic, have been key factors with more than 170 licences issued

Reading Time: 5 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Demand for on-farm slaughter licences in Alberta has exploded since last summer when a rule change allowed consumers to buy individual animals and have them processed on the farm. “The day that the regulation changed, my phone just blew up, and it was largely our customers calling because they were so thrilled,” […] Read more

More intense management of wheat has shown that yields can be increased.

Wheat yield program comes to Ontario

New cross-border partnership brings Yield Enhancement Network concept from U.K.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Winter wheat producers in Ontario and Michigan are collaborating to drive increased productivity for wheat in the Great Lakes basin. A Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) is being formed for wheat bringing together farmers and researchers in Michigan and Ontario. Why it matters: Wheat is sometimes left out of crop rotations because it […] Read more

Farm opportunities

Farm opportunities

Steve Larocque builds a case for value-add at every farm size

Reading Time: 7 minutes We’ve all seen them, even in this magazine. They’re all the headlines about the wonderful world of value-add. How many headlines have you read? A dozen? More? They seem to be everywhere, offering glowing accounts of outside-the-box thinking and entrepreneurial success. Often, though, the concept leaves a big question in the air. Is value-add only […] Read more

Rail shipping is vital to the Canadian economy and especially important to Prairie farmers.

Rolling coal on the rails

If Alberta approves new coal mines, how will we ship our grains to the West Coast?

Reading Time: 7 minutes The coal question is one that should be on the mind of every western Canadian grain producer, and one that every farm organization should be asking right now. It is a question that every federal, provincial and local politician representing rural ridings should be asking.  Unfortunately, I don’t know of anyone who is asking it. […] Read more

The Black Farmers Collective pioneers new ways to connect communities with food production.

Hungry in Canada

Shocking numbers of Canadians are getting left hungry and malnourished

Reading Time: 5 minutes Even before the pandemic, the number of people in Canada who didn’t have enough to eat was at alarming levels. Statistics Canada’s Community Health Survey reported in 2017-18 that 4.4 million people in Canada, including 1.2 million children under the age of 18, were unable to access enough food to eat. The pandemic has exacerbated […] Read more

The farm reason to travel

The farm reason to travel

Actually, the COVID-19 pandemic is a great chance to re-think how ‘off the beaten track’ travel and extended time overseas can be great business catalysts. Three farmers and a business professor tell us how it works for them

Reading Time: 8 minutes Of course there’s a cost. Travel is an education, but how and where you travel means you do have to make the time, you do have to have the means, and you must seize an opportunity to do it. What do you get for that investment? The answer is both simple and complicated. Travel will […] Read more

Food hubs need not require a bricks and mortar location, they can be a digital meeting place as well. The point is to connect farmers with consumers, retailers and institutional buyers who can buy their products.

A food hub that grows

Regional food hubs are tackling the shortcomings of direct-to-consumer farming

Reading Time: 5 minutes A proposed $36 million food hub in eastern Ontario may be the model for a more regionalized Canadian food system that will benefit farmers and consumers as they emerge from the disruption of COVID-19. “We know that food sovereignty is on the mind of everyone,” says Carole Lavigne, director of economic development and tourism in […] Read more

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