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While some young women were busy with family or other commitments to join an ag organization, in some cases they also felt like they weren’t welcome in their community, says one consultant.

Agriculture leaders lean in to gender equity

Across the country, women and men are not only identifying remaining barriers to equity, but also finding ways to make agriculture a more welcoming industry for everyone

Reading Time: 8 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Despite the incredible strides made by Canadian women in agriculture over the past decades, challenges persist for many. You don’t have to dig far to find stories of women being disrespected by salespeople, having trouble securing loans, or fending off sexual harassment at agricultural events. One challenge that often comes up in the Ag […] Read more

The beef industry has a great environmental story to tell, and farmers are seen as credible sources.

Beef advised to play to its environmental strengths when sharing story

Consumers need to hear more about the positive relationship between beef and grasslands, experts say

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – As environmental concerns and social pressures prompt people to change buying behaviours, more products are under scrutiny, particularly beef.  “Beef is one of our most beloved foods. From fast food to backyard barbecues to steakhouses, we have a relationship with beef that is deep and long-lasting,” said Bob Froese, chief executive officer […] Read more

A recent crop report for Manitoba indicates harvest yields so far this year vary from less than half of normal to normal.

Crop insurance in Manitoba prepared for hefty drought payouts this year

The program, founded in 1960, is designed to be actuarially sound

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – There’s enough money to cover Manitoba crop insurance payouts in the wake of this year’s drought, the worst in years, says David Van Deynze. Despite an early harvest due to dry and hot growing conditions, Van Deynze, chief product officer with the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC), which administers the federal-provincial program, says it’s […] Read more

“It was easy to do because the technology was already there.” – Bryce Eger, president of Corteva Canada.

Corteva turns two

Company manages through pandemic while building old and new brands

Reading Time: 3 minutes The emergence of Corteva two years ago from the merger of Dow Agrosciences and DuPont put a new player on the agriculture stage — a company focused on agriculture that had to merge different cultures and product brands. Corteva recently turned two and Bryce Eger, president of Corteva Canada, talked about the evolution of the company and […] Read more

Cattle from Edie Creek Angus kick up dust in the pasture this summer.

Calculating the genetic cost of drought

Herd genetics take years to build, but producers are watching much of that work head to slaughter this year

Reading Time: 6 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Craig and Lenore Brown have been building up their cattle herd for more than 20 years in the northern Interlake, and some of those genetics date back even further, back to the previous generation of their family farm. Earlier this month, they watched a good chunk of those genetics leave. Why it […] Read more

Since 2013, the University of Alberta’s wheat-breeding program has developed 14 new wheat varieties for western Canadian farmers.

Renowned U of A wheat-breeding program hanging on — for now

It’s now releasing new varieties but government cuts threaten program’s revival, says top breeder

Reading Time: 3 minutes Further cuts to post-secondary institutions could lead to the “canola-ization” of wheat breeding. And that’s not a good thing, says one of the country’s top wheat breeders. “I think farmers would say the canola experience is a mistake — letting private enterprise take it over,” said University of Alberta professor, Dean Spaner. “Effectively, they’re breeding […] Read more

The increase in non-farm and non-country people moving to rural communities is pushing the complexity of litigation.

So sue me! Farm litigation is on the rise in Canada

Can you survive a legal attack from an angry neighbour?

Reading Time: 8 minutes It used to be a cheeky way of saying “C’mon, get over it.” Somebody might complain that you took the last donut, or that you stepped on their toe. And you’d reply, “So, sue me!” Not anymore. Across farm country, the phrase now is deadly earnest. Farming is no longer the isolated, rural occupation it […] Read more

“The biggest take-away for me,” says farm-raised Nikki Tomoniko, “is that there is a place for someone with my skill set ... I’d never thought of farming as a career path.”

How Farmers Edge is turning youth into business leaders

Internship program pairs up youth and farm clients with company’s FarmCommand platform

Reading Time: 6 minutes Nikki Tomoniko never intended to work in agriculture. In the spring of 2018, the young Neepawa, Man. woman was looking for a summer job when a family friend mentioned Farmers Edge had a new internship program and was trying to find students for its Alberta office. Tomoniko was studying English and French at university and […] Read more

Brad Glasman, left, and Craig Merkley, both of the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, have been working for years to establish a demonstration farm.

Controlled drainage showcased on Ontario demo farm

Farm near Thorndale has numerous drainage and soil health practices to see

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Drainage contractors were hard at work at a farm just west of Thorndale in early June, creating a showcase tile drainage project. Numerous drainage systems and cropping best practices will be demonstrated at the farm, owned by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA). Why it matters: Drainage is important to profitability on […] Read more

Total farm assets in Alberta rose by just over $8 billion and nearly all of it was due to a jump in the value of land.

The value of Alberta farms rises again

Rising land prices – fuelled by higher crop prices – up by $8 billion but debt also rose in 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – You’re richer than you think — and you owe more, too. That could be the theme of StatsCan’s latest snapshot of farm equity, the number you get when subtracting farm debts from the value of assets. If you had put all of the assets of every farm in Canada on the auction […] Read more

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