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Shane and Donna Mowat with their four children — Bobby (left), Bailey, Brittany and Bethany — at Bailey’s wedding last fall. All are looking forward to their futures in JockValley Farms, which means all need to participate in constructive communication about how to make it happen.

The Succession Advantage – Finding your family’s advantage point

Reading Time: 3 minutes Succession is more than passing the farm to the next generation. It’s about setting the farm up for ongoing success through a continual discovery process, examining every aspect of the farm and its operations, pulling out the very best, and incorporating them into best practices. It’s about having conversations with your family that get to […] Read more

For the Voglers, distributors mean they can focus on the crops that work best for their land and business.

The deal with food distributors

By connecting with distributors, ambitious small farms are leapfrogging their way into bigger markets. Is this an opportunity for mainstream farms too?

Reading Time: 7 minutes At peak operation, Andrew Vogler was growing 50 different varieties of vegetables, selling at nine different farmers markets around Abbottsford, B.C., and delivering vegetable boxes to 200 customers in the lower mainland. In other words, his produce farm was a lot like a lot of other startups — a lot of energy was going in […] Read more

Just because the horseradish market is small doesn’t mean it’s volatile, says Mark Vandenbosch. In fact, going artisanal is an advantage. They can be price makers, not takers.

A condiment with a dash of heat

How do you build a thriving business on a crop that consumers use a spoonful at a time?

Reading Time: 6 minutes In Ontario’s Norfolk County, horseradish is a lot like that gawky kid everyone knew in high school who came back from summer vacation one year suddenly transformed with muscles and a cool new look. Where did that come from? Overnight, he’d become a deal. Horseradish has been around forever too, although it’s been nearly 20 […] Read more

3D printers are already on the market, and faster, better models are in commercial development.

Time to hit ‘Print’ for that machinery part?

How about using your 3D printer to reproduce broken machinery parts? That capability is already here, and it’s getting better all the time

Reading Time: 4 minutes First, let’s get the name right. Until now, we’ve been calling it 3D printing. It’s a name that will probably stick around for a while, but those in the know are already calling it by its newer name, “additive manufacturing.” “The technology is far, far more user friendly and there are really good desktop printers […] Read more

While some young women were busy with family or other commitments to join an ag organization, in some cases they also felt like they weren’t welcome in their community, says one consultant.

Agriculture leaders lean in to gender equity

Across the country, women and men are not only identifying remaining barriers to equity, but also finding ways to make agriculture a more welcoming industry for everyone

Reading Time: 8 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Despite the incredible strides made by Canadian women in agriculture over the past decades, challenges persist for many. You don’t have to dig far to find stories of women being disrespected by salespeople, having trouble securing loans, or fending off sexual harassment at agricultural events. One challenge that often comes up in the Ag […] Read more

Canada isn’t alone in this drought year. Hot, dry conditions have hit both U.S. and Russian wheat production and heavy rains in some European wheat-producing countries have driven down quality.

Make the best of a bad year with astute grain marketing

Soaring wheat prices could go higher still, but get advice and be nimble, say market watchers

Reading Time: 5 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Drought conditions across Western Canada and elsewhere have driven wheat yields down — and wheat prices up. “I’m having trouble remembering any time in history where we have seen prices for fall delivery ahead of harvest this high,” said Mike Jubinville, senior market analyst with MarketsFarm. “It’s not the all-time record high for […] Read more

“It was easy to do because the technology was already there.” – Bryce Eger, president of Corteva Canada.

Corteva turns two

Company manages through pandemic while building old and new brands

Reading Time: 3 minutes The emergence of Corteva two years ago from the merger of Dow Agrosciences and DuPont put a new player on the agriculture stage — a company focused on agriculture that had to merge different cultures and product brands. Corteva recently turned two and Bryce Eger, president of Corteva Canada, talked about the evolution of the company and […] Read more

Amy Kitchen stands at the door to a greenhouse at Sideroad Farm.

Direct farm marketers shift gears during pandemic lockdown phase

Direct-to-consumer farm marketers learn to manage businesses that have grown much quicker than they expected

Reading Time: 6 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Nestled in the colourfully chaotic flower garden encompassing Sideroad Farm, Amy Kitchen’s sun-browned face flits between appreciation and concern.  Sixteen months past the initial pandemic lockdown in March 2020, Kitchen is in the enviable position of having her Grey County organic on-farm business rocket past its five-year growth plan.  “There’s a lot […] Read more

“It’s Mom’s and Dad’s land,” says financial planner Colin Sabourin. “They should focus on themselves first, and on what they need.”

Keep the farm or sell?

Mom and Dad want to retire. What’s the smart move? Should you keep the land for the family, or sell and invest?

Reading Time: 4 minutes As farming parents prepare to retire, conflicting viewpoints can arise with their offspring over keeping the land or selling it. What’s the right way to go? Deciding whether to retain versus divesting the family farm may be the biggest decision that any farm family will ever have to undertake. There’s no right or wrong answer, […] Read more

One of the key themes that runs throughout the book is keeping things in perspective. Or as Luke Sheppard puts it, “The effort invested in ‘getting it right’ should be commensurate with the importance of the decision.”

A “manual” for the farm

Luke Sheppard’s lessons from 20 years at Deere

Reading Time: 5 minutes What do you get when a John Deere insider writes about business? Well, this is no run-of-the-mill self-help book. It’s designed and written just like that tractor service manual on your shop shelf. It’s packed with specific instructions, diagrams and spreadsheets, all designed to help the reader take logical steps and methodically correct problems or […] Read more