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Environment and Climate Change Canada has previously stated that biofuel blends under the Canada’s Clean Fuel Standard could reach 15 per cent ethanol by 2030.

Pump on or plug in?

If the ethanol market collapses, global grain markets will sink under the biggest gluts in history. But don’t write your farm’s epitaph just yet

Reading Time: 8 minutes Everywhere you look, the headlines all seem to say that it’s inevitable. Electric motors are the future. The internal combustion engine is heading the same way as the horse and buggy. Make no mistake. Change is definitely on the horizon. In August, President Joe Biden signed an executive order requiring half of all new vehicles […] Read more

“You can’t follow everything,” says David Derwin, commodities/equities portfolio manager with PI Financial. He sees it as more reason to look hard at options.

The wheat and the chaff

Is there a better way to tell what market news is valuable and what’s overkill?

Reading Time: 4 minutes It can be all too easy to fall down the rabbit hole. Internet news, social media, newswires, online publications, they’re all shouting for your attention with new articles, new production forecasts, new supply-demand data and new opinion columns. But how much of it is just noise instead of actually useful? In order to know what you […] Read more

Schedule time each month or quarter for market strategy, advises Ryan Copithorne. Commit to it, block out distractions and make decisions.

A better market ratio

How many hours does it take to be a good farm marketer? And how do you know if you’ve got there?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Of course farmers want the highest prices they can get for their production. And of course they know they have to work at it. But are your neighbours putting enough effort into the marketing side of their businesses to achieve maximum returns? Are you?  “Farmers and ranchers are absolutely not spending enough time on marketing as […] Read more

“It’s Mom’s and Dad’s land,” says financial planner Colin Sabourin. “They should focus on themselves first, and on what they need.”

Keep the farm or sell?

Mom and Dad want to retire. What’s the smart move? Should you keep the land for the family, or sell and invest?

Reading Time: 4 minutes As farming parents prepare to retire, conflicting viewpoints can arise with their offspring over keeping the land or selling it. What’s the right way to go? Deciding whether to retain versus divesting the family farm may be the biggest decision that any farm family will ever have to undertake. There’s no right or wrong answer, […] Read more

The trends are stubborn, but there is cause for hope for women on Canada's farms.

Women in charge

Yes, progress is being made, but women still face challenges in expanding their farm ownership and leadership roles

Reading Time: 6 minutes There are two stories here. Yes, the proportion of Canadian farm operators who are women has edged higher in recent years, but the total number of women who are farming is still on a downward trend, and is expected to keep on that trend unless and until numerous challenges are overcome. Statistics Canada’s most recent […] Read more

Acquiring more land has the potential to boost your farm business, but like anything in life, there are no guarantees.

Making a smarter deal for farmland

If farmers are so sharp at land buying, who do so many pay too much?

Reading Time: 9 minutes On most farms, it’s among the big decisions of an entire lifetime. Do you buy that farm down the road and take on all that risk? Or do you watch someone else farm it and mutter, every time you drive, “That could have been mine”? Either way, it’s harder than anyone outside of agriculture might […] Read more

Most rental transactions still evolve into long-term relationships lasting a decade or more.

Farmland rentals in Western Canada continue to rise

More and more acres are on the rental market, with land increasingly held by families exiting active farming

Reading Time: 8 minutes The number of acres of rented and leased farmland in Canada is going nowhere but up, and will keep being led by Western Canada, especially Saskatchewan and Alberta. “I would expect that we’ll continue to see more people renting land for a number of reasons,” says Farm Credit Canada’s principal agricultural economist Craig Klemmer. That’s […] Read more

Real estate apps are already big business in residential markets. If they cut transaction costs, why not in agriculture too?

Selling land by app

When you think of it, do we really need real estate agents in an era with so much technology?

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Find me an app. I’m going to sell the back 40.” Talk is starting to make the circuit that it’s time for automation to take over farmland wheeling and dealing, and it might not be that much of a stretch. As long ago as 2013, which is ancient history for electronic technology, a University of […] Read more

There should be premiums for high-quality milling oats this year.

What to expect from grain companies premiums and discounts

Prices for different grades and protein levels are likely to vary by region throughout the crop year

Reading Time: 4 minutes As harvest continued late into this fall, Prairie grain buyers continued to sort out what they would pay for this year’s crop. “Currently, grain company discounts and premiums for grade and protein are variable and changing almost daily as they try to determine what they can pay for these grains, what they will be able […] Read more

Sprouting in wheat triggers an enzyme that prevents bread from rising. A falling number test can determine the level of damage.

Marketing strategies for your 2019 crop

A different approach is needed for this year’s lower-quality harvest

Reading Time: 3 minutes After several years of high-quality crops across most of the Prairies, this fall’s poor harvesting conditions mean many farmers have the unenviable task of trying to unload low-grade cereals. “This year we’re going to be seeing the bulk of the (wheat) crop in the lower grades, No. 3s or feed,” says MarketsFarm analyst Bruce Burnett. […] Read more