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As with many businesses, Danielle French’s path to success wasn’t exactly straight.

Turning the dream into reality

Danielle French’s customers promote South Pond Farms, making this a social media success and a profitable farm venue

Reading Time: 7 minutes “One thing led to another,” Danielle French tells me. You wouldn’t guess it from meeting her. French has transformed a rundown 60-acre property into a highly acclaimed events venue hosting weddings, workshops and farm-to-table dinners. She’s super-organized, super-efficient and bursting with great ideas, and it seems impossible that anyone could have achieved all that without […] Read more

Supportive communities. The key to resilience

There are recurring themes to resilience. We have 12 of them

Reading Time: 5 minutes Society likes to idealize the rugged individual who, against all odds, manages to overcome their difficult life circumstances and succeed in a big way. There is a problem with this narrative, though, says Dr. Michael Ungar, a family therapist and researcher at Dalhousie University. Personal resilience actually has a lot more to do with the […] Read more

“Why is the son or daughter interested? Is it because they failed elsewhere and the farm is a safe haven, or because it’s Dad’s dream for the next generation to take over?” – Mike Bossy.

Preparing the next generation to take over the farm

How can you be sure they’re ready for the responsibility of running the operation?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Transferring the farm to the next generation is a complicated affair that involves finances, tax implications, legal strategies and good communication among all those affected. With all those balls in the air, the one element that Mom and Dad often think about, but somehow don’t actually get serious about, is whether the next generation is […] Read more

The rise of popularity in the internet has generated the unfortunate rise in cybercrime as well.

How to protect yourself online

Cybercriminals used to go after big business. Now they know you’re easier to hit

Reading Time: 4 minutes The internet has been a boon to farm businesses. Whether it’s ordering farm supplies online, hosting an online store, problem solving, communicating with the farm team and other farmers, accessing detailed weather forecasts or marketing info, the list of the ways we rely on the internet every day is long. Unfortunately, as the internet has […] Read more

“The brain responds,” researcher Fraser Smith says. “It’s like taking an empty field on a farm that’s been lying fallow, and starting to till it and planting seeds.”

Keep it smart

How about a little maintenance for the organ you depend on the most

Reading Time: 5 minutes The old adage, “use it or lose it” really is true when it comes to our brains. Problem solving, processing speed and thinking can all go downhill as we age, says Dr. Fraser Smith, a professor, researcher and clinician at the National University of Health Sciences near Chicago. But there’s good news too. We can […] Read more

A study involving 29 farmers who participated in a mindfulness program showed that meditation decreased their stress and increased their positive state of mind.

Train your brain

HR management: Skeptical farmers like to scoff at talk about mindfulness. So how do you account for the success of this U.K. farm project?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Over the past decade, a growing number of CEOs in North America have embraced mindfulness and meditation to cope with stress and increase their productivity. Now, science proves they’re onto a good thing. Research shows these ancient techniques actually do boost concentration, memory and creativity while reducing the negative effects of stress. So, why isn’t […] Read more

Long-table dinners: The tale of two farms

An enchanting evening meal on the farm can be a great way to raise funds for your favourite causes, and to build support for agriculture too

Reading Time: 5 minutes You can tell from their expressions that it was one of those magical summer evenings. Sue and Don Hilborn served a four-course dinner to 60 people at one long communal table under an awning strung with twinkling lights. Even when the festivities drew to a close and darkness descended, the July evening was enhanced by […] Read more

How to take better food photos

On websites and social media, our food photos need to be more appetizing then ever. Here’s help

Reading Time: 5 minutes We eat with our eyes first, according to the folk proverb. We all know it is true, and we also know all the snap judgments we make when someone shows us a food photo that really doesn’t make the grade. “They don’t know how to take a picture,” we think. Or, “they aren’t professional enough […] Read more

Even in this digital era, it's still important to build a good relationship between you and your advisor.

Get more from your farm advisors

Boost the returns from your investment in advisors’ fees with these tactics

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hiring business advisors and consultants is becoming a top habit on Canada’s most profitable farms, as identified in Farm Management Canada’s Dollars and Sense study. Whether it’s in accounting, law, human resources, succession planning, agronomy, livestock nutrition, communications or marketing, advisors are filling in the gaps in the farm team’s expertise. It turns out, though, […] Read more

How to help a grieving friend

No, you can’t take a friend’s grief away. But you can help

Reading Time: 5 minutes When a friend has suffered the death of a loved one, we want to help but often we are unsure what to say or do. Even worse, we worry that what we think we should do could be exactly the opposite of what we actually should say, and could cause damage to our friend or […] Read more