What’s your cultural intelligence quotient?

Creating an environment that welcomes and is open to other cultures actually helps boost farm performance

Along with the country overall, our rural communities are becoming much more culturally diverse. The evidence is that this is a good thing for agriculture. Research shows that diversity enhances innovation in the workplace. As well, agriculture relies on newcomers to fill the growing demand for workers in the industry. However, diversity in the workplace […] Read more

Portrait of young man suffering from depression

Friendships for your life

For more and more of us, loneliness is a serious health risk

In the farming community, being independent is a point of pride. However, too much independence is actually bad for your health if it leads to social isolation. The research is clear. Multiple studies over the past three decades have shown that loneliness kills. It’s as bad for your health as smoking, being obese, having high […] Read more

farmers standing beside a tractor

Communications 101

These simple strategies will reduce day-to-day conflict on your farm, increase efficiency, and help get everyone on the same page

Ever feel like other people just don’t understand you? Do people on the farm complain that you always misunderstand what they’re saying? Does it sometimes feel like you’re all speaking different languages? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone. Frustrations around communication are common. Nor should that surprise us, […] Read more

Pile of documents on desk stack up high waiting to be managed.

Clutter Busting 101

These tips really will help you take charge of the stuff in your office, and in your life

Do you feel stressed by the clutter on your desk, the dining room table and the kitchen counter? Are you tired of tripping over things that “might come in handy” someday? Do you have a basement full of stuff that’s too valuable to throw away, but you can’t decide what to do with it? If […] Read more

Get your soybeans planted early

If done right, planting soybeans early can boost yields

When farmers first began growing soybeans north of the border, the general recommendation was to wait until the May long weekend to plant. The advice was always to plant soybeans in your best field on the best day, and even then to cross your fingers. Since then research has consistently shown a yield benefit for […] Read more

Where might Canada’s food trends be headed?

Food guru Dana McCauley is forecasting great new opportunities for farmers

Have you ever thought there might be an opportunity in knowing what foods will be hot in the next few years? Ever wonder if you should really care? For our Country Guide readers, I asked Toronto’s Dana McCauley — chef, recipe developer, food trend watcher, and executive director of Food Starter, a non-profit food incubator […] Read more

corn baler and bale

From cornstalks to sugar

Farmers ready to participate in bioeconomy

With consumers pushing for a greener, more sustainable chemical industry, agriculture is poised to play a key role in the new bioeconomy, especially with renewable resources that can be converted into bioenergy and biobased chemicals. This time, farmers aren’t waiting around to find out how they can get involved. A group of farmers in southwestern […] Read more

Mother helping her daughter with math homework

Build your kids’ math skills

To excel at farming, your children will need better math skills than they may be getting at school. Here’s how to help

Despite the billions of dollars spent on education each year, student math test scores continue to fall in most of Canada. The alarming statistics don’t bode well for the success of future generations. Like reading, math is a fundamental skill, necessary for success in life and work. John Mighton who established JUMP Math, a tutoring […] Read more

No-fear public speaking

With winter meetings ahead, more of us will get asked to take the microphone. These simple strategies will make you glad they did

Even though all of us in this day and age should expect to be called upon to speak in public at some point, for many of us the very thought of it causes us to feel queasy and to break out in a cold sweat. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, a U.S. […] Read more

A young man wearing a checkered jacket is using a smartphone and is taking notes in a notebook at a desk

Getting your message right

Blame email and social media. They're making it easier than ever to say exactly the wrong thing

For farmers today, the ability to write clearly is more important than ever. Whether it’s writing Facebook posts to attract customers, blog posts to educate the public, a business proposal for potential partners, or position statements on behalf of a board of directors, being able to express your ideas coherently is an invaluable tool. And […] Read more