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Judge's legal gavel and Family Court nameplate

Courting disaster

When farm families end up in court, winners are few and very far between. Still, more and more families are ending up before a judge

The British press has given Welsh farmer Eirian Davies her own nickname, the “Cowshed Cinderella,” even though the court case that she brought against her parents, claiming they had reneged on a promise that she would inherit the family dairy farm, certainly didn’t have a fairy-tale ending. When the courts awarded a C$2.2 million settlement […] Read more

The little railway that did

These Manitoba farmers show how much can be achieved with superior leadership skills

Remember The Little Engine that Could? It’s a story about optimism, hard work and determination, which pretty much sums up the story of the Boundary Trail Railway Company (BTRC), a producer-owned, short-line railway in southern Manitoba. In 2008, a group of Manitoba farmers, with no clue how to run a railway, signed a piece of […] Read more

The best crop row spacing is…

A multi-year study suggests there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question

The question of the best row spacing has been asked even more often in recent years, and it turns out that the answer is the same as for many other questions in farming — “It depends.” But on what? A multi-year study by researchers at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Indian Head Agricultural Research […] Read more

A FLARE for agriculture

For FLARE magazine, it was an idea to attract readers. For Amanda Brodhagen, it was a chance to shatter so many farm stereotypes

Advocacy to Amanda Brodhagen means taking action. It’s not just about sharing her farm experiences on social media — although she does plenty of that — it’s about taking time to volunteer at the Beef Farmers of Ontario booth at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair each year as well as serving on the executive of […] Read more

Two minds

More couples like the De Groots are taking advanced farm business training together, and report that it’s good both for the farm and for their marriage

To say that Marty and Krista De Groot have their hands full is an understatement. The young couple are in the midst of taking over the third-generation family farm from Marty’s parents. Although his dad, Jack, still helps out, Marty does the bulk of the daily work, taking care of the 40,000 broiler chickens, 2,500 […] Read more

Who’s too old?

Farm families know that age diversity makes them stronger. But did you know that a spread of ages in your employees adds strength too?

Diversity in the workforce is a good thing, but diversity doesn’t mean just diversity of gender or ethnicity. It also means age diversity. Increasingly, older workers aren’t retiring gracefully to play golf and potter in the garden. Instead, they are making a conscious decision to change careers later in life, when the experience and skills […] Read more

Is agriculture ageist?

We tend to respect our elders more in agriculture,” says Tracy Biernacki-Dusza. Even so, ageism is one of the last and most common areas of bias

More than four in 10 Canadians feel that ageism is the most tolerated form of social prejudice, according to the Revera Report on Ageism: Independence and Choice as We Age, released in May 2016 by Revera Inc. and the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research. This is more than double the number who rated racism or […] Read more

Prairie corn: Agronomics and economics

A four-year project in Manitoba has some notable findings on tillage economics and the reliability of heat unit ratings

As Prairie farmers consider growing some of the shorter-season corn hybrids coming onto the market, they still have questions whether they should even risk trying them, and which hybrids have the best chance of success. After completing three years of the four-year Corn Agronomy Project, researchers are beginning to provide a few answers — and […] Read more

Flax opportunities

Agronomics and yield are the big priorities for flax growers in Western Canada

Flax acres have started to rebound over the past few years, with Saskatchewan still accounting for most of the flax grown on the Prairies. In order to entice more growers to flax, however, yields will need to increase. Average flax yields have hovered around 22 bu./ac. for many years, and although growers in some areas […] Read more

Going big

FarmLead takes aim at the U.S., with leaders who learned their lessons on the farm

Five years ago Brennan Turner and Alain Goubau were slogging it out alone. They were ahead of the curve, trying to sell western Canadian farmers on their vision of an online grain marketplace to connect grain producers and buyers, giving them the power to list, negotiate and finalize grain deals with no upfront cost. Today, […] Read more