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Navigating farm business holiday celebrations

It’s going to take more thought before you decide how your farm should celebrate 2020

Reading Time: 5 minutes Social events like the Christmas party have traditionally been a big focus for non-farm businesses, giving staff a chance to mix and mingle, and employers a chance to show their appreciation. Increasingly, Christmas celebrations are popular on the farm too, providing an opportunity for employees and family members to meet and greet without the stresses […] Read more

Office space that works

Five steps to converting your office space into a productivity centre

Reading Time: 5 minutes During this stressful time of the COVID-19 pandemic, one place where we can exert some control in our lives is in our office space. As with anywhere else on the farm, if everything has a place, we feel more in control and more capable of taking what gets thrown at us. That’s the experience of […] Read more

This book actually does deliver on its promise to help us think more concretely and develop better solutions.

A defibrillator for your brain

Guide Books Review: Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

Reading Time: 3 minutes Running a farm business, trying to make a profit, and balancing work and family is (brace for the understatement) hard. We all know the pattern. Too often, we think big, become overwhelmed, and then let some of our achievable ideas, not to mention our innovative dreams, wilt and die like neglected potted plants. We try […] Read more

Hydrocortisone and betamethasone creams and ointments are two common examples of topical corticosteroids.

Guide Health: Steroids – essential for life

We’ve all heard about anabolic steroids and sports, but what are corticosteroids?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Steroids are a group of organic compounds that we produce in our bodies, just like many other species. As molecules, steroids are similar in their structure. Specifically, each steroid consists of a group of four chemical rings with various side chains. In the body, steroids have a variety of functions. They help to regulate your […] Read more

Grief is a natural process that helps us adapt when the world as we knew it — or thought we knew it — no longer exists.

The many sides of grief

Grief can be caused by many kinds of loss. Here’s why it’s so important to recognize that

Reading Time: 4 minutes We know that grief is a natural response when a loved one dies. What we may not realize, though, is that we may also grieve, sometimes for years, from non-death losses too. Losing the family farm, getting divorced, living with a debilitating illness, being estranged from one’s child, the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic… all […] Read more

Harvard biz prof John Kotter predicts big wins for farmers who see it’s vital to get better at managing change.

How might penguins offer farm advice? Read on

Guide Books Review: Our Iceberg Is Melting. Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is more urgent than a melting iceberg? Not much, say scientists. No matter where we live or what work we do, all of us have got to expect a devastating series of cataclysmic ripple effects as long as the world’s ice continues to melt. But the penguins have a plan. At least, the penguins […] Read more

The human bowel contains between 10 and 100 trillion micro-organisms that protect against harmful bacteria, promote good bowel function, and are involved in your immune system.

Guide Health: Your bowel – don’t take it for granted

Yes, your bowel habits are very personal, but get your symptoms checked sooner, not later

Reading Time: 2 minutes You don’t really think about your bowel until something goes wrong like constipation or diarrhea. Your digestive tract includes everything from your mouth to your rectum, but often the word “bowel” is meant to be your small and large intestine. The small intestine is made up of three parts, specifically the duodenum, jejunum and ileum, […] Read more

Self-care specialists Emilio Jose Garcia Rodriguez and Samantha Kristoferson.

Find time for self-care

If it seems you haven’t a moment for your physical and mental health, read this

Reading Time: 5 minutes We all read the headlines. We know that self-care can make it easier to cope with high levels of stress. But too often, we feel we are already stretched so thin, it would only make matters worse if we stopped what needs doing and spent any time on self-care. To get some tips and tools […] Read more

A nasal spray may help you breathe better, but make sure you can sniff air before using it.

Guide Health: Take care of your nose. It’s nothing to sniff at

Abrupt loss of smell can be related to trauma, tumours, polyps or diseases like COVID-19

Reading Time: 3 minutes You probably take your nose for granted. You breathe through it and you don’t even need to think about it. Breathing is an autonomic nervous system function; it just happens. And, of course you use your nose for smelling, which you do notice, even though sometimes you wish you didn’t have to! Your nose is […] Read more

Cannabidiol (CDB) is considered the “therapeutic” option as it does not cause intoxication and euphoria as does cannabis which contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Guide Health: The scoop on cannabis

Check with your health care providers before using cannabis for any medical condition

Reading Time: 2 minutes We all know by now that cannabis is legal for recreational use in Canada. We also know there are still a number of restrictions and limitations on its use, and we know how to find out exactly what these are. However, we also hear claims about therapeutic uses for cannabis and about its effectiveness and […] Read more