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Measurements such as body mass index and waist circumference are used to assess weight, but sometimes just getting on a bathroom scale is enough.

Guide Health: Are you carrying too many pounds?

Even losing five pounds will make you healthier

Reading Time: 2 minutes Obesity is getting more and more common. Today, about 26 per cent of Canadians are considered obese and 36 per cent overweight. And not only are more of us tipping the scales, but the number of extra pounds we’re carrying is growing too. And there’s an extra worry as well. Children seem to be part […] Read more

A novel approach to estate planning

A novel approach to estate planning

Guide Books Review: To your accountant, the target is to cut estate taxes. Your goal, though, can be to make your prosperity last for generations

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Naked Opus: Growing Your Family Wealth for the Long TermBy Chris Delaney This is a great read, tackling one of the most difficult topics every farm must face. How can a family build a future that lasts for generations instead of frittering away what it has worked so hard to achieve? So let’s start […] Read more

Move out, move on

Move out, move on

When it’s time to move to town or to sell off the old farm home, the whole family can feel they’ve got a stake in the decision. So how can anything get done?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Moving homes can be a very emotional experience for anyone, but for farm families, it’s doubly so. “When the family home is also the place of business, there is an interconnectedness in the heart of the family and the heart of the business,” says Boissevain, Man. farm family coach Elaine Froese. Whether the next generation […] Read more

Guide Health: Antipsychotic drugs and dementia

Guide Health: Antipsychotic drugs and dementia

Drugs may ease the anxiety and aggression, but they introduce other risks

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dementia is a progressive irreversible decline in both cognitive and functional abilities. About seven per cent of Canadians have a diagnosis. Unfortunately, there is no cure. It is thought that tangles of proteins known as tau particles and plaques of misshaped amyloid beta proteins impair the brain’s ability to function. Nerve messages are not able […] Read more

Farm psychology: aging and generativity

Farm psychology: aging and generativity

Guide Psychology: There are four essential acts of generativity

Reading Time: 4 minutes Editor’s Note: Bonnie Whitehead, M.Sc. (psychology) launches her new CG column demonstrating how the rapidly evolving science of psychology can improve your business and personal farm success. She begins with generativity and its exciting opportunity to keep us strong and vibrant as we age. Our motivation to achieve is deeply embedded in our personalities. The […] Read more

lab meat

The rise of the new food engineers

Guide Books Review: The biggest threat to your farm isn’t commodity prices or interest rates. It’s science, and what’s going on in these labs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Rethinking Food and Agriculture 2020-2030: The Second Domestication of Plants and Animals, the Disruption of the Cow, and the Collapse of Industrial Livestock FarmingBy Catherine Tubb and Tony Seba How will agriculture, society and the environment be impacted by the onset of intense and broad disruption? It’s way more than COVID-19. Take a big breath […] Read more

“The world is big enough for all of us. There is no reason to hate.” – Marsa Blossom Yarmeto, author

Talking to kids about race

You may struggle to answer your kids’ questions, but resources are here, and the struggle sends a message

Reading Time: 6 minutes When her daughter, just four years old, came home from school at Kitchener, Ont., Marswa Blossom Yarmeto’s spirits sank. The more she learned, the more disheartened and sad she grew. Which of us wouldn’t? Her daughter was upset by how the other children were treating her. They told her they didn’t like her hair and […] Read more

Old Montreal.

Bonjour, Montreal

Explore Montreal, use these tips to taste the culture, and discover where Canadian food is going

Reading Time: 7 minutes Finally! Another prospect of visiting Montreal and tasting its culinary riches. Be prepared for a treat made even lovelier because of our time apart and because the food scene manages to balance the past and the present and arrive with the best of all worlds in one city. If you’ll be a first-time visitor, you […] Read more

Guide Health: A non-prescription drug – Good for the bowel?

Guide Health: A non-prescription drug – Good for the bowel?

A change to non-prescription status can make it easier for people to self-treat minor ailments

Reading Time: 3 minutes Prescription drugs sometimes change their status so you no longer need a prescription to purchase them. Instead you can buy them over the counter for self treatment. Drug companies apply to Health Canada for this type of change in scheduling. To get it, they must show that their drug product is safe to use according […] Read more

The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done

The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done

Guide Books Review: To Drucker, the way to thrive is clear. Spend more time on your opportunities, and less on your problems

Reading Time: 3 minutes An effective business executive is a doer who learns how to get the right things done to enhance organizational opportunity. According to Peter Drucker’s book The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done, the effectiveness of an executive’s “doing” rests on five essential practices: time management, choosing what to contribute to […] Read more