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Farming Smarter deep banded immobile nutrients at a depth of six inches using a seed drill with a basic stealth opener system.

Research digs into the question of deep banding

The practice could make immobile nutrients more available for three major crops

Reading Time: 3 minutes The jury is still out on whether deep banding fertilizer is worth the time and money — but researchers across Alberta are hoping to settle the debate once and for all. “I don’t think there’s any proof yet that deep banding works,” said Ken Coles, general manager of Farming Smarter. “We want to have some […] Read more

The beef industry has been shown to be reducing its carbon footprint, but Tim McAllister says more needs to be done.

Beef industry challenged to do better

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s no secret the beef industry is under attack from environmentalists and activists — or that they frequently distort the truth. “They have an agenda that they are trying to gain information to support — they’re looking for things that have gone awry in the industry, and there have been problems,” renowned Alberta cattle researcher […] Read more

Profit by putting people first

Attracting and retaining good workers on your farm doesn’t just happen — you have to make it happen

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you don’t have people, you don’t have a farm. It’s as simple as that. While most producers think about their farm in terms of their livestock and crops, they neglect to think about the people, says a rural business specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. But that needs to change, Abby Verstraete told attendees […] Read more

New website to shed light on grain prices

Reading Time: 3 minutes Edmonton — Don’t know if your local elevator is offering a good price or not? There’s an app for that. Or at least there will be once is fully up and running. The new website, created by the Alberta Wheat Commission with $742,725 in federal funding, aims to give farmers timely and accurate pricing […] Read more

Vadim Pryadko (r) and his friend Anatoly Petruk star in a video aimed at winning the Ukrainian vet a bovine ultrasound.

Alta. cattle vet helps vet in Ukraine with video bid for Easi-Scan contest prize

Portable ultrasound unit would make life easier for this Eastern European social media savvy vet team

Reading Time: < 1 minute Even though he doesn’t speak a word of Ukrainian, Airdrie vet Cody Creelman, was drawn to the online videos of Vadim Pryadko, who lives in a town called Khmelnitsky near the Polish border. “We developed a relationship,” said Creelman. “We started talking about what type of practice he was at, what kind of school he […] Read more

Pigeon fever arrives in southern Alberta horses

Reading Time: 3 minutes Southern Alberta horse owners are being advised to watch their animals for large lumps on their chests, following what are apparently the first-ever cases of pigeon fever in the province. Pigeon fever is a disease common in the southern States, said Dr. Connie Fancy, veterinarian with Claresholm Veterinary Services. This year, Fancy and three other […] Read more

Alta. researchers closing in on prions’ weak points

Reading Time: 2 minutes A decade after BSE rocked the Canadian cattle industry, two University of Alberta scientists and their Swiss colleagues have taken a major step towards finding a way to block prion infection which leads to BSE and scrapie. “My lab contributed how the antibodies interact with the various parts of the prion molecule,” said biochemistry professor […] Read more

Growers needed for Alta. pea root rot survey

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’re an Alberta pea grower, you can help researchers learn more about fusarium root rot in peas by offering up your field for research. Traditionally, Red Deer and Lacombe have been the primary area for peas in the province, but things have changed in recent years — and about half of the pea acreage […] Read more

You can blame aster yellows on bad luck, but not blackleg

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hope for a cold winter this year to knock back aster yellows, loosen up your canola rotations to avoid blackleg, and pick your pulse cultivars with disease resistance in mind. Those were three key pieces of advice offered by plant pathologist Michael Harding at Alberta Pulse Growers’ recent meeting. Aster yellows have been stealing yield […] Read more