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Beef industry challenged to do better

It’s no secret the beef industry is under attack from environmentalists and activists — or that they frequently distort the truth. “They have an agenda that they are trying to gain information to support — they’re looking for things that have gone awry in the industry, and there have been problems,” renowned Alberta cattle researcher […] Read more

Young Farmer Carrying a Bale of Hay

Profit by putting people first

Attracting and retaining good workers on your farm doesn’t just happen — you have to make it happen

If you don’t have people, you don’t have a farm. It’s as simple as that. While most producers think about their farm in terms of their livestock and crops, they neglect to think about the people, says a rural business specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. But that needs to change, Abby Verstraete told attendees […] Read more

two cattle vets

Alta. cattle vet helps vet in Ukraine with video bid for Easi-Scan contest prize

Portable ultrasound unit would make life easier for this Eastern European social media savvy vet team

Even though he doesn’t speak a word of Ukrainian, Airdrie vet Cody Creelman, was drawn to the online videos of Vadim Pryadko, who lives in a town called Khmelnitsky near the Polish border. “We developed a relationship,” said Creelman. “We started talking about what type of practice he was at, what kind of school he […] Read more