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Comment: Why does agriculture only have room for women who fight?

Reading Time: 3 minutes A recent article ‘Why aren’t farm women fighting harder?,‘ for the December 2019 issue of Country Guide has garnered a significant amount of attention online and on social media. Upon reading our article, Angela Straathof wrote the response below as a “call to action” for the agricultural industry. – Country Guide staff “Be bold. Speak […] Read more

Farmer Barbie is one of over 200 “Barbie Career Dolls” from toy maker Mattel.

Farmer Barbie?

Is Farmer Barbie just another way to keep our daughters out of the business of farming, or is something more serious going on?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Next time you check out the toy aisle you might be surprised to find a Farmer Barbie doll on the shelves. She comes ready to farm dressed in a plaid shirt, denim overalls and rubber boots, with a red tractor, pink trailer, and an assortment of farm animals. Farmer Barbie is one of a line […] Read more

At of the end of 2017, about 40 per cent of all agrologists employed in Saskatchewan were female.

Are agrologist salaries on the money?

Salary survey also examined if a gender pay gap exists in agriculture

Reading Time: 6 minutes This past winter the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists (SIA) released a salary survey that pegs the overall average salary of Sask­atchewan agrologists (not including bonus) at $84,629. For the first time in agriculture, though, this survey separated out pay by gender, and showed a gap of up to $20,000 in certain age categories. The numbers […] Read more

Preventing domestic violence

Reading Time: 4 minutes Let’s pause for a moment to let this grim statistic sink in. Every six days a woman in Canada is murdered by her partner. Domestic violence is far too prevalent. Just in the last five years, more than one million people in Canada have reported being either physically or sexually assaulted by their partner or […] Read more

A place for women

Yes, many women are making progress on the farm. But not enough women, and not fast enough

Reading Time: 4 minutes Women may have been the first farmers, but it has been a long trek to climb to the top in today’s agriculture. Finally, however, women are making progress. Census data show between 10 and 20 per cent of farms are operated by women. Plus, on many more farms, women are key players taking on the […] Read more