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Hanson Acres: He’ll huff and he’ll puff…

There’s another decision to make every day on the farm, and Connor wants this one made in a hurry

As soon as the driver pulled open the door, seven-year-old Connor flew out of the school bus and raced full speed toward the Hanson’s house. He took the front steps two at a time, until he was caught by surprise when his father Jeff opened the house door from the inside just as Connor had […] Read more

hanson acres

Hanson Acres: The family looks to pull through

Dale acknowledged it: “This hasn’t been the year I expected.”

The Hansons were nearly finished harvest by early September. “Haven’t been done this early in years,” Dale said to his wife Donna while they finished their toast. “It’s faster when there’s not as much to bring in,” Donna replied, finishing her coffee and getting up to put their breakfast dishes in the dishwasher. “You’ve got […] Read more

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Hanson Acres: The family takes a look around

With the crop ready to come off, it’s time to make the kinds of decisions only farmers have to make

On his first day swathing canola, Jeff was surprised when he checked the time on his phone and realized he’d accidentally finished his lunch before 10:30 a.m. “Have to adjust to the harvest schedule,” he thought. With his lunch finished, the GPS finally auto-steering correctly, and the crop feeding through the swather — as Jeff’s […] Read more

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Hanson Acres: The Hansons celebrate… and the neighbours join in too

Sometimes a secret is just too good to keep

After an afternoon of lawn darts, frisbee, lounging in lawn chairs and drinking cold drinks, 31 members of the Hanson family and another 42 assorted friends and neighbours were sitting around borrowed tables on the Hansons’ lawn, digging into their buffet dinner of steak, baked potatoes, homemade buns, 11 different salads and hot dogs for […] Read more

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Hanson Acres: Counting the days to get into the field

On the farm, it isn’t so much when spring first comes, as when it stops going away

When Jeff realized the tractor was slipping, the drill was already stuck, deep, and his first impulse was to curse. Loudly and profanely. His second impulse was to wonder if there was any way he could possibly keep his family from finding out. “You can’t take the drill out tomorrow,” Jeff’s father Dale had said […] Read more

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Hanson Acres: All dressed up, and someplace to go

The first fine day of a Canadian spring can only mean one thing

Donna was sorry to hear about her aunt Evelyn’s death. “Even when she had to live in that nursing home, Aunt Evelyn always had something good to say,” Donna said to her mother over the phone. “She had a lot of lemons to make lemonade with,” Donna’s mother said. “But remember, she was 93. We […] Read more

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Hanson Acres: All down the generations

“Sometimes,” said Ed, “an old man has to just sit back and pretend not to mind what happens.”

Jeff was boiling water for tea while Elaine sorted out the last of the papers, still warm from the printer. Jeff’s parents, Dale and Donna, had just walked over from their house across the yard and were settling into chairs around the dining room table. Six-year-old Connor shouted out from his bedroom. “Mommy, I’m thirsty.” […] Read more

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Hanson Acres: A thump in the night

Most times, the rural countryside lives up to its peaceful old stereotypes

“Late winter storms are always the worst,” Jeff told Elaine over the phone. “It’s warm enough to melt, but cold enough to freeze. Makes the roads icy. And the snow is really pouring down.” “We’ll be fine,” Elaine said. “Really, it’s not that I want to stay here,” Jeff said, for the third time. Elaine […] Read more

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Rebate roundup for Eastern Canada

A quick glimpse at programs and opportunities available to growers for 2017

With the planting season just weeks away, we’re putting together a “Rebate Roundup” for eastern Canadian growers with our overview of the rebates offered by industry. Some of the companies contacted for our new annual “Rebate Roundup” feature say they don’t offer rebates — they prefer to stick to simple prices. Other farm input suppliers […] Read more

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Hanson Acres: This year, it’s going to be different

The calendar makes the rules, even when that load of durum is late

It was cold enough that the machinery had to work extra hard and a thin layer of frost had formed on Jeff’s eyelashes. He hated working after dark. “Could be worse,” he thought. “I could be Phil, hauling grain here to be cleaned on a Sunday night.” Once Phil drove off and Jeff had the […] Read more