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Editor’s Note: Getting real about what 2021 means

Reading Time: 2 minutes The worst thing about agriculture is that it goes in cycles. Or so an uncle used to say. “And the worst thing about cycles,” he said, “is that wherever you are in one, it feels like it’s going to stay that way forever.”  So maybe Uncle Lyle wasn’t as scientific as Bonnie Whitehead, who launches […] Read more

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Editor’s Note: Farmers to the rescue

Reading Time: 2 minutes Canada is hungry for heroes. Statues are tumbling, poverty is intractable, our country is more racist than we knew, politicians falter. Who can lead us to the Canada we dream of?  You can tell what people value because values are motivators. They show in what we pursue.  Do farmers value Canada?  There’s a better way […] Read more

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Editor’s Note: Can you see it from here?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Farming is breaking through. It always used to be said — with justice — that most bad decisions on the farm get made in good times. Not anymore. In fact, it’s the exact opposite Of course, you can’t say anything in agriculture that’s absolutely universal. So, while I’m optimistic that on most farms the coming […] Read more

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Editor’s Note: The incredible summer of 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s the way of things. A thought leads to a theory. An insight leads to a vision. And a great summer leads to an action plan. Welcome to a year like we’ve never seen before. We’ve always thought summer is for field work, winter is for business management. This year, more than ever, that’s changing. […] Read more

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Editor’s Note: The right year to celebrate

Reading Time: 2 minutes As we get into spring, find some time for thinking and brainstorming how you can make 2021 a milestone year that your farm will long remember. It’s the right advice. Not every ag sector is having a banner year. And even within the grain and oilseed sector, not every farm is feeling on top of […] Read more

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Editor’s Note: Knowing the value of the job ahead

Reading Time: 2 minutes Success at business is success at putting your values into action. In farming, that’s good for the world, and it’s going to continue that way as long as family farming survives. One of my personal distractions this spring will be planting sugar maples and white oaks that we’re acquiring with the help of the local […] Read more

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Editor’s Note: A bigger question than COVID-19

Reading Time: 2 minutes Agriculture is racing into the future. We all agree on that. But what will farms look like in that future? And who will farm them? I can’t say for sure, and I don’t think you can either. Here’s an interesting assignment for a snowy March evening. Make a list of your current machinery inventory and […] Read more

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Editor’s Note: How good is the advice I’m getting?

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s a question we didn’t ask farm accountants when we asked them what traits separate their average from their above-average farm clients. The days of bookkeepers and cash accounting aren’t over, of course. Every farm has different needs. But accountants and accrual-based accounting are the new norm, and the transition has helped enable the professionalization […] Read more

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Editor’s Note: A motion that needs support

Reading Time: 2 minutes As farmers across the country churn their way through this winter’s virtual meeting season, here’s a proposal for adding a useful (and profitable) bit of debate. It’s way past time for more farm groups to start investing a slice of their research budgets into exploring the business questions that will be crucial to their members’ […] Read more

What farmers want are loyalty programs that are based on product quality and service, not complex, unfair rebates.

Rebates: The ‘gift’ that has gone too far

Are retailers focused on selling the best product to meet a grower’s needs, or the product that will maximize their own business returns?

Reading Time: 5 minutes For years farmers have questioned and complained about the rebate and reward programs offered on agricultural inputs. Most complaints focus on the complexity of the programs and the inability for farmers to calculate the value of the rebate when making pesticide purchase decisions. Farmers need to know the after-rebate cost of pesticides if they are […] Read more

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