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“They were surprised I could do it,” Bob Baloch says, but that’s exactly what he has done, working, dreaming and sweating to become a Canadian farmer.

A new farm story

Most of Canada’s farms got their start when previous generations of immigrants made sacrifices and worked hard to gain a toehold, often via truck farming. Is it still happening?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Bob Baloch has taken what he has learned about logistics and marketing from working in the IT world, married it up with his experiences of growing up on a family farm in Pakistan, and applied it to create a highly diverse and successful fruit and vegetable farm on 23.5 acres of land at Rodney, Ont. […] Read more

A recent Ontario study found that farmers’ markets are seen as as a trusted source for fresh local food.

Growth markets

Sales at farmers markets across Canada are rushing toward $1.5 billion, and their farmers have plans for much, much more

Reading Time: 9 minutes Situated on the south edge of Winnipeg, the farmers market at Le marché St. Norbert was bustling on the chilly Saturday morning in late October when I visited. A fiddler entertained inside the market’s new 11,700 square-foot canvas canopy, and vendors with a range of local products for sale were busy engaging with the crowd. […] Read more

The McGregor family of Braeside, Ont.

One Ontario family’s joint path to farm succession

“Succession planning here is like hitting a moving target,” says Jim McGregor, but it’s also the family’s greatest opportunity

Reading Time: 8 minutes A mile from the Ottawa River, the McGregor family has lived and farmed, and they have loved and built for five generations, to the point where their produce business has mushroomed to 15 stands, a pick-your-own business and four farmers’ markets. Theirs is a story about embracing change, and about how, in the midst of […] Read more

Farmers finding the right image

More farmers across the country are taking charge of their image, for the good of their farms, and the good of the industry

Reading Time: 10 minutes Located just 20 minutes southwest of Montreal, the farm looks a lot different today than when it was established by Elwood and Marie Quinn in 1982. It sounds a lot different too, which is just what they wanted. Thanks to Philippe and Stephanie Quinn, the farm’s second generation, the enterprise has been transformed from a […] Read more

Later this year, Wasiuta and Porter will move production to a commercial kitchen. It’s a big step, preceded by market development and branding.

A jam of a business

If you haven’t heard of Vanilla Spice Pear Butter or Sundae in a Jar, these young entrepreneurs have some lessons to teach

Reading Time: 6 minutes When Kylie Wasiuta and Sara Porter met a decade ago, they were in their teens and into reining and horses, completely consumed with showing and competing for prizes. They still found time to share some homemade jam, however, but who then could have predicted their jam-making savvy would bloom into a full-fledged business? “I grew […] Read more