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Danielle Lee.

The millennial question

Do millennials have the discipline it takes to deliver on their promise?

Reading Time: 6 minutes As chair of the Canadian Young Farmers’ Forum (CYFF), and as a millennial herself, Danielle Lee has heard all the stereotypes about millennial farmers, and she knows the challenges millennials face. Lee’s job is to speak out on behalf of young farmers, and to ensure they grow into a positive force in these trying times […] Read more

Analyze your ‘secret sauce,’” Jennifer Moss says. “Get back that thing that makes you feel motivated faster after you’ve suffered a setback.”

C’mon, get happy!

‘Plastician’ Jen Moss tells us why happiness is the right goal if you really want to drive the profitability of your business

Reading Time: 5 minutes Making more money this year would make me very happy. But what if just being happier is what it takes to make our farm more profitable? Clearly, this sounds too good to be true, so I went to Jennifer Moss, the author of Unlocking Happiness at Work. She’s also the co-founder of “Plasticity Labs,” a […] Read more

We would be 100 times more successful if we went to politicians with 20- to 30-year-old directors,” says Jason Reid, Beef Farmers of Ontario board member.

Young farmers are on board and looking ahead

Innovative training programs are raising the leadership capabilities of Canada’s youngest farmers

Reading Time: 7 minutes Imagine that tomorrow, you wake up and every commodity group and farm association you can think of needs to have an election. All their boards need entirely new directors, and there’s been a scramble to nominate the right people to fill those spots. How many of the candidates would be in their early 30s? Or […] Read more

You have to look at what makes sense ahead of you,” says Joan. “Life is full of so many changes, some you’re ready for, and some are unexpected.”

Dairy producer takes the next big step

Change Makers: As a couple, the Craigs’ decision to transform their farm and leverage new opportunities has opened up a new future

Reading Time: 7 minutes Today’s farmers are change makers. Re-inventing our farms has become normal.  So Country Guide asked top ag journalists from across the country to interview farmers who excel at change, taking their farms in very different directions with an eye to finding their best opportunities. Their stories start with our January 2017 issue and will continue through […] Read more

The forage value of cover crops

The forage value of cover crops

Western research shows cover crops can be worth their weight for grazing or even baling

Reading Time: 6 minutes Extended drought has forced many farmers across Eastern Canada to seek alternate feed sources for the coming winter. It’s even got some producers thinking about the cover crops on their farm and on neighbouring farms. The growing popularity of cover crops among grain farmers may have come at just the right time for cattle farmers […] Read more

Eastern black nightshade is a weed that seems to hide well, and requires diligent scouting.

Dry weather weed control in IP soybeans

Weed control in IP soybeans is always a challenge. This year, it was nearly impossible… but not on all farms

Reading Time: 5 minutes Good weed control in Eastern Canada’s identity-preserved soybean fields this year appears to be just as patchy as the spring and summer rains, particularly in southern Ontario and parts of Quebec. Even Roundup Ready beans were slow to canopy in between rescue rains and required more in-season attention than usual. Then, as crops headed toward […] Read more

Application technology is expanding his N management options, says Mike Strang.

Profit-making N strategies for growing corn

After a dry season, maybe it’s time for some hard thinking about how you apply nitrogen

Reading Time: 5 minutes Producers who applied their nitrogen in one pass this year at least minimized their application expenses. Those who opted for a split application and managed to co-ordinate it with well-timed rain perhaps gained more for their efforts. Undoubtedly, however, both are questioning if their strategy was the right way to go this time. And because […] Read more

Finding the right farm mentor

Finding the right farm mentor

Should farm groups be pushing harder to set up mentoring programs?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Unfortunately for many of us, by the time wisdom finally catches up with us, we are already beginning to feel our age. There are just so many things to learn on the farm, and you only get so many chances to learn them. Every spring is different, every barn is different, every market is different. […] Read more

Bedding with soy straw

Bedding with soy straw

These farmers are learning the tricks to make it work in the field and in the barn

Reading Time: 7 minutes There’s been great interest in experimenting with crop residues for bedding, and although no one professes to have a perfect solution, there is a lot to be learned from those with growing experience, which means talking to Darin McDonald, a farmer who has baled it all. Equipped with a 150-horsepower tractor and either a Hesston […] Read more

A new look at 30-inch rows for soybeans

A new look at 30-inch rows for soybeans

If you think the case is closed on 30-inch rows, get ready to think again

Reading Time: 7 minutes Soybean growers near the Ontario-Quebec border have tested wide rows, and some have even adopted them already as a way of managing white mould pressure. The disease thrives here. even though agronomists can’t exactly say why. But there’s also more to the 30-inch debate than just mould control. Based in the eastern end of the […] Read more