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CPSR wheat popular for pasta and breads in Latin America

Maintaining an ongoing relationship with Latin American customers is important as competitor wheats such as those from the U.S. and Black Sea region are slowly making inroads

For Latin Americans, Canada Prairie Spring Red (CPSR) wheat is a top choice for the production of pasta and for flour blending in commercial bread baking. José Fernando Chacón Valencia, production and project manager for Harinera del Valle, a major milling and food processing company in Colombia, says that in the past several years his […] Read more

Competing with Russian wheat

Newer wheat classes provide an opportunity to serve Mexican markets that don’t need CWRS

Western Canadian wheat classes such as Canada Prairie Spring Red (CPSR) and the new Canada Northern Hard Red (CNHR) have recently been attracting attention from Mexican millers to meet their end-uses. Senior managers from Grupo Trimex, Mexico’s largest milling company and a customer of CWRS, attended a one-week technical exchange at the Canadian International Grains […] Read more

In North Africa, it’s all about the colour

The bright yellow colour of Canadian durum gives it an advantage in this competitive market

For North African customers of Canadian durum, yellow is more than just the colour of the food products processed from it. Millers and processors view the bright yellow that Canadian Western Amber Durum (CWAD) wheat provides as a crucial trait for their pasta and couscous quality. Couscous is a popular traditional dish in the region, […] Read more

Cutting down on the salt

Bakers at Cigi are showing international customers how to bake bread with less sodium

The bakers at the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) are hearing the same message as the rest of us: Cut down on the salt. “The aim of Cigi’s pilot bakery is to replicate what the industry does,” says Yvonne Supeene, head of baking technology. “We reduced the salt level in all bread formulations, and in […] Read more

Building a complete protein package

Bringing wheat and pulses together for healthier baked products — a formula for new opportunities

As more innovative uses for pulses are explored in response to global demand for healthier food products, Canadian pulse producers may look forward to increasing demand for their crops. Together with Warburtons, the U.K.’s largest bakery brand, the Canadian International Grains Institute is undertaking its most comprehensive investigation into quality characteristics and functionality of pulses […] Read more

Adding nutritional punch to instant noodles

The go-to quick meal for university students could be improved with Prairie peas

Quick, easy and tasty, but a bit too high in fat and salt and a bit low in nutrition. Ever-popular instant noodles could be improved, based on results of Canadian International Grains Institute research focused on developing new uses for Canadian pulses. Since 2014 Cigi has been conducting a four-year project funded by Pulse Canada […] Read more

Showing off the new crop

Harvest assessment is key to quality seminars for international wheat customers

This past fall the Canadian International Grains Institute collected grain samples from across Western Canada to complete its annual harvest assessment in preparation for worldwide customer seminars on crop quality. “It’s important that we get the information out as quickly as possible on what’s coming through the system so customers can see what they’ll be […] Read more

Getting the scoop on grain grading

Farmers get a better understanding of frost damage, colour, mildew, sprouting and other downgrading factors

Farmers in Saskatchewan and Alberta recently had the opportunity to learn hands-on about how their grain is graded after delivery to their local elevator. In July, grain-grading seminars were held for farmers in Yorkton and Swift Current, Sask. for the first time as a joint effort between the Canadian International Grains Institute, Canadian Grain Commission […] Read more

Boosting nutrition in gluten-free foods

Peas, beans and lentils provide a healthy option to corn starch and rice flour

The Canadian International Grains Institute has been investigating the use of pulse ingredients as a way to improve nutrition in commercial gluten-free food products, and to add value to Canadian pulse crops. Currently halfway through its four-year project called “Development of Gluten-Free Products Using Pulse Ingredients,” Cigi has incorporated pulses in tortillas, pan breads and […] Read more

Promoting Canadian wheat in Latin America

Customers in Peru and Chile like the quality of CWRS, and are interested in more CPSR

For several years Latin American customers of Canadian wheat and durum have met with technical staff from the Canadian International Grains Institute to learn about analytical techniques and processes to evaluate wheat and flour quality. Most recently representatives from Cigi’s baking, milling and analytical services areas spent time in Chile and Peru. While in Chile, […] Read more