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(2nd from left) Derek & Tannis Axten of Axten Farms of Minton, Sask. and François Handfield & Véronique Bouchard of Ferme aux petits oignons at Mont-Tremblant, Que. Photo: Bruce Sargent

Winners of Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2017 celebrated

Reading Time: 2 minutes National winners for Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmer for 2017 were awarded on Dec. 1 to Derek & Tannis Axten of Axten Farms in Minton, Sask., and Véronique Bouchard & François Handfield of Ferme aux petits oignons at Mont-Tremblant, Que. “Once again, the seven regional finalists exceeded our expectations as innovative, forward thinking, young agricultural leaders.  […] Read more

(Dave Bedard photo)

Revisions in the works for Canada’s Food Guide

Reading Time: 3 minutes Health Canada is planning changes to one of its key policy documents to reflect how Canadians’ diets are generally coming up short in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk and milk alternatives. At the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress in Montreal on Monday, the federal health department launched a 45-day public consultation on changes to Canada’s Food Guide, […] Read more

Heather Maskus of Cigi works with customers to show how pulse flours can be blended in foods such as baked goods and pasta.

Canadian pulses for the world

Cigi will engage with industry on pulse quality during International Year of Pulses

Reading Time: 2 minutes In recognition of the United Nations declaration of 2016 as International Year of Pulses (IYP), several pulse-related events are planned in Canada and other countries in an effort to draw global attention to the use of pulses. Themes being promoted include food security, nutrition and innovation; creating awareness; market access and stability; and productivity and […] Read more

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Farmers return to vegetable patch as currency slumps

Reading Time: 2 minutes Reuters — Canadian farmers are cashing in on the highest vegetable prices in years, helped by the country’s weak currency and soaring costs of U.S. imports that have made them unexpected winners in a bearish commodity world. Soft wheat and canola prices may diminish Canadian farm incomes by nine per cent this year. But it […] Read more

Just opened, Ontario’s new food hub is building on a continental strategy to take the cost out of value adding.

The hub of an opportunity

Food hubs are moving north, making it easier for medium-size farms to break into ‘local’ sales without all the marketing

Reading Time: 7 minutes Trissia Mellor is on a mission to boost the sustainability of farmers and small businesses in eastern Ontario. In Northumberland County’s economic development and tourism department, she’s the energetic agriculture manager, and she’s also heavily involved in getting the new Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre (OAFVC) up and running. The venture centre is one of a […] Read more

When Alberta farmers Kate Hook (r) and Dawn Boileau (l) announced they had married, the common question was, “To whom?”

LGBT on the farm

On these farms, diversity is good for business

Reading Time: 7 minutes Now 33, Otis Bell admits he’s outside the mainstream of agriculture. Growing up in Seattle, Bell next lived in Olympia, where he got his first taste of growing plants and gardening, and where he decided to get more directly involved with farming. “I think being queer made me take a step out of some of […] Read more

two men in a vegetable warehouse

Young and old defining food distribution success

Separated by 52 years, Rudy Knitel and Corne Mans find how to succeed at food distribution

Reading Time: 5 minutes As good as you or better,” says Rudy Knitel when I ask him what he was looking for when he went in search of a business partner. A sense of humour apparently helps. Aged 74, Knitel did find his business partner, though. He’s Corne Mans, aged 22. A 52-year age difference might seem like a […] Read more

vegetable farmers at Cumberland House

Look north for fruits and vegetables

These Saskatchewan farm projects are winning converts in some surprising places

Reading Time: 6 minutes The northern village of Cumberland House seems an unlikely place to find a farm or a farmer. For starters, it’s remote — 450 kilometres north east of Saskatoon at the end of Highway 123, a notoriously bad road that spring can turn into one long mud-hole. The village, established by the Hudson Bay Company in […] Read more

USDA report says no risk from pesticide residues

USDA report says no risk from pesticide residues

Reading Time: 2 minutes Reuters — More than half of food tested by the U.S. government for pesticide residues last year showed detectable levels of pesticides, though most were within levels the government considers to be safe, according to a report issued Dec. 19 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The USDA looked at fresh and processed fruits and […] Read more

man in a vegetable greenhouse

Vegetable grower starts small to grow big

Is diversification the best way to get a start today? As Nathan Klassen is learning, even if the answer is yes, that doesn’t make it easy

Reading Time: 6 minutes Nathan Klassen might not have grown up on a farm, but for as long as he can remember, he’s wanted to be a farmer, so in 2011, in the midst of North America’s record-smashing run-up in the price of farmland, he made that dream come true. Klassen was 24 that year, and he bought his […] Read more