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A coach can serve as an objective thought partner, helping a farmer get clear on what they want to accomplish.

How about a life coach?

More farmers are turning to life coaches to help them strengthen themselves, their families and their businesses

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the 30 years since the first coaching programs were developed, the field of coaching has exploded. You’ll find coaches who specialize in a broad range of areas including business, leadership, personal development, wellness, financial management and more. While coaching has been gaining popularity in the corporate world for the past decade, farmers are now […] Read more

Richard and Doug Arnold of Arnold Innovations in Manitoba.

Partnership boom

Like Richard and Doug Arnold, more farmers are forming partnerships of more kinds. They're examples of how to do it right

Reading Time: 10 minutes Since its launch about two years ago, the company formed by grain farmers Richard and Annette Arnold and their son Doug in Hamiota, Man., has scored some big successes in Western Canada. Those include several awards — in 2016, Arnold Innovations took home a “Silver” Innovation Award at Farm Progress in Regina along with Best […] Read more

Family farm corporations on the rise

Depending on your farm objectives, building a trust into your corporation may be your best first step

Reading Time: 6 minutes The death of the family farm is widely bemoaned. Activists ask, “What do we really know about these corporations that produce our food?” As it turns out, it’s the same question that many farmers are asking themselves, although in a very different context. How can I be sure that my farm corporation is the best […] Read more

The right partner

In today’s farming, partnerships make more sense than ever… as long as you know how to find the right partner

Reading Time: 5 minutes Partnerships and agriculture are so closely entwined that even the smallest children know from singing about the farmer in the dell that the farmer’s first job is “to take a wife.” If only farm partnerships were so easy. With the farm community shrinking so fast, and now accounting for a mere 1.5 per cent of […] Read more