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From the inside: Breaking through with the Kolks in Alberta

These days, when it’s so pricey to expand, diversification can look right for even the most dedicated commodity farms. As Alberta’s Leighton Kolk found, though, it takes some serious smarts. And courage

Reading Time: 11 minutes What do you get when you cross one of Canada’s most competitive farm regions and a producer who just can’t say no to a good risk. You get Kolk Farms. It’s no joke, either. Leighton Kolk, a southern Alberta farm and feedlot owner, seems to have a knack for not only finding risk, but embracing […] Read more

Building intangibles on your farm

Reading Time: 2 minutes There can be many reasons why an additional farm business may succeed or fail. Often, it actually has nothing to do with farming. For the Kolks, a series of decisions over the years paved the way for the K3 Seeds acquisition. Professional development: Both Leighton Kolk and son Jordan believe in professional development. Kolk is […] Read more

As in most farm decisions, it really does come down to cash flow and timing.

When is a good time to incorporate your farm?

Incorporating isn’t right for everyone, but it can often help the farm grow and prepare for the future

Reading Time: 4 minutes Should you incorporate your farm? It’s a decision with many moving parts, combining tax planning with growth strategies. And it’s a decision more and more farmers are making. The 2016 census showed about half of all Canadian farms were sole proprietorships, 23 per cent were partnerships and about a quarter were corporations. Successful farms depend […] Read more

Farm psychology: aging and generativity

Farm psychology: aging and generativity

Guide Psychology: There are four essential acts of generativity

Reading Time: 4 minutes Editor’s Note: Bonnie Whitehead, M.Sc. (psychology) launches her new CG column demonstrating how the rapidly evolving science of psychology can improve your business and personal farm success. She begins with generativity and its exciting opportunity to keep us strong and vibrant as we age. Our motivation to achieve is deeply embedded in our personalities. The […] Read more

“It’s Mom’s and Dad’s land,” says financial planner Colin Sabourin. “They should focus on themselves first, and on what they need.”

Keep the farm or sell?

Mom and Dad want to retire. What’s the smart move? Should you keep the land for the family, or sell and invest?

Reading Time: 4 minutes As farming parents prepare to retire, conflicting viewpoints can arise with their offspring over keeping the land or selling it. What’s the right way to go? Deciding whether to retain versus divesting the family farm may be the biggest decision that any farm family will ever have to undertake. There’s no right or wrong answer, […] Read more


Telus, Rabobank ag arms buy into farm data aggregator

Companies join in on deal for Minneapolis-based Conservis

Reading Time: 2 minutes The agriculture arms of one of Canada’s major telecoms providers and a major Dutch bank and financial services firm are taking a stake in a tech firm in the business of gathering on-farm data into a single window. Telus Agriculture and Rabo AgriFinance, which is headquartered in St. Louis and serves U.S. farm customers, announced […] Read more

Farm opportunities

Farm opportunities

Steve Larocque builds a case for value-add at every farm size

Reading Time: 7 minutes We’ve all seen them, even in this magazine. They’re all the headlines about the wonderful world of value-add. How many headlines have you read? A dozen? More? They seem to be everywhere, offering glowing accounts of outside-the-box thinking and entrepreneurial success. Often, though, the concept leaves a big question in the air. Is value-add only […] Read more

Adam and Meghan Gregory were succeeding on the farm and continuously improving its performance. Then they asked, is that good enough?

The next big step: mid-career mentorship

You’re already smart and dedicated, but is that really enough for today’s challenges?

Reading Time: 6 minutes When Adam Gregory signed up for LeaderShift’s year-long national farm leadership program, he didn’t anticipate waking up at the crack of dawn to do group yoga. “Some people were way out of their comfort zone,” Gregory laughs. “I’m open to trying anything, so it wasn’t a hurdle for me.” There’s more to LeaderShift’s program than […] Read more

“It takes your whole farm to a new level of professionalism.” – Bonnie den Haan.

Getting involved at the farm level

Farm organizations sustain Canadian agriculture. They’re also where a whole lot of farmers are gaining leadership, management and decision-making skills. Should you join them?

Reading Time: 9 minutes As summer approaches and the pandemic is beginning to ease, it’s time to take stock. What got agriculture through the COVID-19 pandemic? Who kept things from falling off the rails? It turns out farm organizations played an enormous role. You probably know that already. Understandably, these groups invest heavily in making sure their members know […] Read more

“Your time isn’t free; there is a value to it,” says the author of ‘The Farmer’s Office.’

Above board

Pay yourself, and put the numbers in your budgets right from the start. It’s better for you, and for the business too

Reading Time: 5 minutes The thing is, you’re going to eat anyway, and probably wear clothes too. When a farmer doesn’t build a salary into their business model, they’ll still spend money on their personal needs and desires. The money just gets sucked out some other way. Of course a salary can take some getting used to, says Julia […] Read more