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New C Series RoGators

AGCO re-engineers its sprayer line with LiquidLogic technology

If there’s one word that’s taking up a lot of air in the room when it comes to herbicide discussions this year, it’s “resistance.” The growing threat from herbicide-resistant weeds has become a reality in nearly all regions and threatens to get much worse.

Everyone in the industry is looking for solutions, and AGCO thinks their new C Series RoGators and the LiquidLogic system incorporated into them can play a big role in that effort.

Introduced this past August, the C Series incorporates a variety of updates over previous RoGator models, including more accurate and efficient product delivery capabilities.

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“With the prevalence of herbicide-resistant weeds throughout the country and the introduction of new herbicide systems to control these weeds, greater management and attention to detail will be needed for anyone applying herbicides,” explained Mark Mohr, tactical marketing manager for AGCO’s application division, in a press release announcing the C Series introduction.

“The engineering and technology of the RoGator C Series machines and the new LiquidLogic system are going to help operators simplify their jobs, reduce the potential for off-target application, make cleanout faster, easier and more thorough, and reduce product waste.”

The FlowLogic recirculation plumbing used in the C Series machines keeps product constantly moving through the boom, hoses and filters to help reduce chemical buildup and eliminate plugged spray tips.

The C Series also offers the ClearFlow recovery system, which the brand claims is the industry’s first full-recovery system. It uses air to force product from the booms or from the reload station back into the tank, leaving less than 2.5 gallons in systems without injection. A new self-priming feature also gets product moving quickly through the entire boom once the product pump and recirculation are turned on.

The LiquidLogic system also offers a “hold at minimum” feature to ensure pressure remains within 1.0 p.s.i across the entire boom width at all times to ensure even product application. The AgControl rate controller is capable of section control for either 35 sections with 10- or 15-inch spacing or 36 sections with 20-inch spacing, which is offered as standard. All of that is controlled through AGCO’s new 10.4-inch AccuTerminal touch screen.

To move the C Series machines, AGCO is introducing the new SmartDrive all-wheel drive system with traction control. That feature detects wheel slip and alters fluid flow to the associated drive motor to maximize flow (and therefore traction) at the other wheels, minimizing slippage. The RoGators also get anti-lock brakes with a more powerful hydrostatic system to shorten stopping distances.

Cruise control allows operators to select a pre-set working speed, and a shuttle shift feature makes for quick forward-reverse direction changes.

Inside the cab, a new armrest houses switches and a joystick in a more ergonomic layout. Even the design of the joystick was changed to a more comfortable shape based on user feedback, while USB power ports help keep the operator connected.

A programmable keypad also allows the operator to customize the lighting package, and a rear-view camera operates automatically when the machine shifts into reverse.

RoGator C Series machines can be configured with AGCO’s fully integrated AgControl and Auto-Guide systems, or Raven Viper 4+ technology with SmarTrax. A hybrid configuration also allows the use of Raven Viper 4+ for product control while using AGCO’s Auto-Guide for steering. The brand’s TaskDoc option handles wireless data transfer.

When it comes to boom options, buyers can choose from the standard 90-, 100- and 120-foot designs or optional 120- and 132-foot aluminum versions. AGCO says the design of the aluminum booms also includes “enhanced nozzle protection.”

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