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Developed in conjunction with Bosch, the Xarvio Smart Sprayer determines when and what chemical to spray, which requires multiple nozzles or multiple lines to a single nozzle.

Smart sprayer knows which herbicide to apply, and when

BASF’s Xarvio advances application technology

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s clear that public sentiment about perceived food safety and the environment is beginning to have a significant impact on consumer choices. An easy case in point is the marketing of meatless burgers at fast food chains as a way to save the planet from climate change. In crop production, meanwhile, the use of herbicides […] Read more

Mixing products in the wrong order can create serious problems, particularly when time is a rare commodity.

‘My sprayer’s a mess’

In the new era of weed resistance, your risk of a plugged tank or boom is climbing

Reading Time: 7 minutes There may be no better phrase that symbolizes agriculture than “timing is everything.” Planting, fertilizing and harvesting are obvious fits, but the term also applies to pesticide applications, planter preparations and seed purchases. Another area where timing is important is in the mixing of chemicals, although some may argue that it’s more a matter of […] Read more

VIDEO: Get in (the sprayer seat) and drive

Ag in Motion 2018: Sprayer Ride & Drive

Reading Time: < 1 minute The ‘Ride & Drive’ is a popular field demonstration at Ag in Motion, and 2018 was no different. This year, farmers, spray applicators and machinery dealers alike had the chance to make side-by-side comparisons of new sprayer models from New Holland, Apache, RoGator and Case IH. Spencer Myers of gives you a quick rundown […] Read more

Monsanto product to deactivate dicamba residue in sprayer tanks

Reading Time: 2 minutes Chicago | Reuters — Monsanto is launching the first product that deactivates a controversial herbicide inside spraying equipment after it is used, the company said on Tuesday, its latest attempt to prevent unintended crop damage associated with dicamba. The new product aims to stop farmers from accidentally applying traces of dicamba on crops that cannot […] Read more

AGCO introduced the new C Series RoGator with impressive upgrades in August.

New C Series RoGators

AGCO re-engineers its sprayer line with LiquidLogic technology

Reading Time: 2 minutes If there’s one word that’s taking up a lot of air in the room when it comes to herbicide discussions this year, it’s “resistance.” The growing threat from herbicide-resistant weeds has become a reality in nearly all regions and threatens to get much worse. Everyone in the industry is looking for solutions, and AGCO thinks […] Read more

Seven new product reveals from John Deere

In early June John Deere invited members of the farm media to its Harvester Works facility in Moline, Illinois, to see the full line of equipment it was introducing in 2017. And all of it was parked on the lawn in front of that combine manufacturing facility for reporters to photograph and learn about from[...]
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Finding the weak spots in used sprayers

Whether you’re looking at buying a used sprayer or handling maintenance on your own machine, knowing where to look for common problems will speed up the inspection process and help ensure you’re not surprised with a big repair bill later on, along with unexpected downtime. So where do you start looking for trouble? To find[...]
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John Deere’s own line of sprayers will soon be enhanced with models from speciality sprayer manufacturer Hagie.

John Deere goes shopping

The big green brand is purchasing specialty manufacturers while “balancing” its workforce

Reading Time: 3 minutes In late March, John Deere announced it had taken ownership of yet another speciality equipment manufacturer. It’s becoming a familiar story for the U.S.-based manufacturer. This latest acquisition of Hagie Manufacturing, a U.S. specialty manufacturer of high-clearance sprayers, is one of a couple of purchases that Deere has recently announced. Deere describes the Hagie purchase[...]
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Kubota to buy equipment maker Great Plains

Reading Time: 2 minutes Japanese farm, construction, yard and landscaping equipment maker Kubota is set to expand its share in several of those sectors with a deal for Kansas equipment firm Great Plains Manufacturing. Kubota, which has had a strategic alliance with Great Plains for implements in the U.S. since 2007, announced Friday it will buy 100 per cent[...]
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What is the best way to clean your sprayer?

with Mike Cowbrough, OMAF and MRA

Reading Time: 2 minutes Cleaning the sprayer is a critical part of every spray day. Pesticide residues clog and corrode equipment and can injure crops. So what is the best process for sprayer cleanout? Operators should clean out their sprayers every time they switch pesticides, but respondents of a survey conducted by Colorado State University in 2013 said they[...]
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