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Big Canada thistle plants can spell trouble in the combine, especially when there are large patches of them.

Fall herbicide application timing in canola

To control perennial weeds in canola, there are benefits to both pre- and post-harvest control options — the deciding factor could be tied to your goals

Reading Time: 5 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – When deciding between a pre-harvest or post-harvest spray application to control tough perennial weeds, there are always some key considerations for farmers. The extent of the weed problem and harvest timing are important ones, of course, but other factors such as herbicide cost and killing frost also play into the decision. To […] Read more

Alberta’s crop insurance program includes organic producers for 2019.

Prairie crop insurance rundown 2019

Despite some problems last year, good yields in previous years have allowed lower premiums or more coverage

Reading Time: 6 minutes There’s good news on crop insurance for Prairie farmers this year — most premiums are down for 2019. Details were announced by Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba officials earlier this year. Here’s the rundown: Alberta On March 11, Alberta Agriculture and Fores­try Minister Oneil Carlier and Steve Blakely, CEO of Alberta’s Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC), […] Read more

Hemp area may stall in 2018

Area saw a big jump last year, but growers are facing more competition from China and Eastern Europe

Reading Time: 6 minutes Canadian commercial hemp production saw a big jump in 2017. Health Canada, the federal agency which oversees licensing, reports almost 140,000 acres were planted with industrial hemp, an 80 per cent increase from 75,000 acres in 2016. Kim Shukla, executive director of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, says the increase reflects the growth since hemp […] Read more

Keeping out the invaders

Keeping out the invaders

Biosecurity: Provincial organizations encouraged to promote a national on-farm biosecurity standard

Reading Time: 2 minutes This growing season, potato producers in Canada will be on the lookout for dickeya, an emerging blackleg pathogen in the U.S. that caused significant crop losses in the country’s northeastern region in 2015. Preventing new diseases like dickeya and keeping old adversaries like late blight in check are important reasons why growers subscribe to farm […] Read more

U.S. looks to gain back potato market share

U.S. looks to gain back potato market share

Reading Time: 2 minutes A big factor influencing potato demand in the past decade or two has been low-carb diets that eschewed potatoes. But those negative views are changing, according to Blair Richardson, president of Potatoes USA. “The research we’ve been conducting in the last couple of years (shows) that consumer perception of the potato is actually improving quite […] Read more

2016 variety trials underway at the Crop diversification Centre south in Brooks, Alta.

Canadian potato industry on the upswing

A weaker loonie and promotion of potatoes prepared in more healthy ways are improving prospects for growers and processors

Reading Time: 6 minutes After several years of challenging times, the Canadian processing potato industry is feeling a lift, in part due to a lower loonie. It’s stimulated exports of french fries and other processed products as well as fresh potatoes to the United States and other markets, and for the first time in years some processing plants in […] Read more