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Raspberries are pictured during a harvest season at a local farm near Chillan, Chile March 13, 2020. Picture taken March 13, 2020.

How a Chilean raspberry scam dodged food safety controls from China to Canada

Insight: $12 million worth of falsely labeled frozen fruit evaded authorities

Reading Time: 8 minutes Santiago | Reuters – In January 2017, Chilean Customs inspectors acted on a tip from a whistleblower: The country’s prized crop of raspberries was under threat. Inspectors raided the offices of Frutti di Bosco, a little-known fruit trading company on the second floor of a tower block in downtown Santiago. The files, company data and […] Read more

This summer, rural Albertans will be able to access the free Crowd Security app to help tackle rural crime.

Rural crime: There’s an app for that

Rural crime rates are going up because criminals think they won’t get caught. We’ve got to change that, and this app may help

Reading Time: 9 minutes As I was writing this article, I learned through a Twitter post that a neighbouring farm five km away had experienced a break and enter of their farm shop. The Twitter post encouraged people in the community to check their shops to see if anyone else had been victimized. Unfortunately, I did not see the […] Read more

The rise of popularity in the internet has generated the unfortunate rise in cybercrime as well.

How to protect yourself online

Cybercriminals used to go after big business. Now they know you’re easier to hit

Reading Time: 4 minutes The internet has been a boon to farm businesses. Whether it’s ordering farm supplies online, hosting an online store, problem solving, communicating with the farm team and other farmers, accessing detailed weather forecasts or marketing info, the list of the ways we rely on the internet every day is long. Unfortunately, as the internet has […] Read more

Rural distress

As Jane’s story shows, spousal abuse is a stubborn fact of life for many country women

Reading Time: 11 minutes She was a rodeo queen with a wide circle of friends that included both men and women. And she still loves horses, although she’s had to put her equestrian activities on the back burner until she recovers financially. I catch her on the phone one evening after work. She is calm and thoughtful, pausing as […] Read more

Preventing domestic violence

Reading Time: 4 minutes Let’s pause for a moment to let this grim statistic sink in. Every six days a woman in Canada is murdered by her partner. Domestic violence is far too prevalent. Just in the last five years, more than one million people in Canada have reported being either physically or sexually assaulted by their partner or […] Read more