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Keeping the corn plant weed and stress free early allows the plant to form a larger cob, up to its genetic potential.

Focus on the ear leaf in corn production

Keeping the corn plant weed and stress free early allows the plant to form a larger cob, up to its genetic potential

Reading Time: 6 minutes It seems every growing season brings something new for growers to manage. Sometimes it’s a new disease or its anticipated arrival. Other years, it’s learning to cope with the impact of weather conditions, or a sudden weed flare-up. It’s a testament to modern agricultural science that the more we learn, the more questions we ask. […] Read more

Taking action or not taking action determines more on yield than most realize. The shorter corn (left) is due to no organic activity in 2019.

A new era of agronomics and genetics for corn

The “how” and the “why” of growing corn are attracting a lot of fresh thinking

Reading Time: 7 minutes Corn production has risen to a new level of importance, both for growers and for the industry that supports them. In spite of market pressures and uncertainty in global trade, growers, particularly those in Ontario, are firmly committed to planting row after row of the crop, basically as much as they can. Yet the reality […] Read more

The Väderstad Tempo F8 E is another high-speed planter that’s available to growers in Canada.

High-speed planting zooms ahead

But is it because of the time savings, or the yield increase?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hard to believe it’s already been eight years since high-speed planters were introduced in North America. The vanguard consisted largely of European manufacturers like Horsch, Amazone and Väderstad, with additions from John Deere, Precision Planting and, more recently, AgLeader. In that time, more growers have been adopting and adjusting their spring operations to use the […] Read more

The leftover ruts from last year’s wet harvest and early snowfall made some Manitoba corn growers a bit less keen on the crop this year.

Corn hybrids still waiting to launch with farmers

Despite limited adoption so far, corn breeders continue to develop hybrids suitable for production across Western Canada

Reading Time: 5 minutes Four years ago we heard predictions of 10 million acres of corn in Western Canada by 2026, but it turns out that they have yet to launch on that trajectory. Grain corn acreage in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta peaked in 2017 and remained between 470,000 to 480,000 acres for the next two years. While this […] Read more

Strip till goes mainstream

Strip till goes mainstream

Improvements in guidance and a focus on soil health are the primary drivers

Reading Time: 7 minutes The concept is simple. With just one pass, run a tillage implement through the field that clears a strip of residue and builds a small ridge that will get the crop off to a fast start next spring because you can plant straight into it, and it will warm faster than the rest of the […] Read more

Cattle are an important part of the rotation on Agripastos Farm.

Conservation tillage driving Brazil’s corn and soybean explosion

No-till farm group says no-till is the key to long-term sustainable agriculture

Reading Time: 4 minutes Crop production in Brazil has made dramatic gains in recent decades — and there’s potential for plenty more, say advocates of no till and conservation tillage in the country. In fact, members of the Brazilian Federation of No-Till Farming say no till is the key to achieving a long-term sustainable agriculture without additional deforestation. Soybean […] Read more

Managing for higher yield often entails higher plant densities and fertility as well as timely use of fungicides.

Risk versus reward in the quest for higher corn yields

More quality criteria are steadily creeping into the conversation on corn

Reading Time: 5 minutes Farming is known for its learning moments, and one key lesson to come out of the 2018 growing season was that the chase for higher yields doesn’t come without risks or hazards. Or, as is said with maybe equal justification, no good deed goes unpunished. The past 10 years have seen incredible growth in corn […] Read more

Ontario farmers grow corn acres, and a successful livelihood

Ontario farmers grow corn acres, and a successful livelihood

Amos family in Ontario’s extreme northwest a good example of the pioneering spirit

Reading Time: 6 minutes In 1990, nearly 30 years ago, Amos Brielmann moved his family from Germany to the Rainy River District between Fort Frances and the Manitoba border. They settled on a farm near Pinewood, first working on a beef cattle operation just north of the village. Slowly, they began buying the farm and maintaining the herd and […] Read more

Tar spot infection in a field last September in Illinois, where symptoms appeared late in the season.

Tar spot comes to corn

First identified in the U.S. in 2015, there is so much to learn about tar spot and its impact

Reading Time: 6 minutes The alarm bells were ringing. In just one year, Asian soybean rust could move in and devastate huge tracts of beans. Palmer amaranth swept north from the mid-south in 2010 to Michigan in only two years. It’s not that crop pathologists and weed specialists were trying to alarm growers as much as make them aware […] Read more

“When (farmers) do the economics, corn adds a very viable income to their operation.” – Doug Alderman, Pride Seeds.

The next corn battle

The boom in corn acres is great news for the West. But how much will it hurt growers in the East?

Reading Time: 6 minutes For years, there’s been one great truth in Canadian agriculture. East is East, and West is West. So it’s little surprise there’s a sense of worry about the growth of “eastern” crops, especially corn and soybeans, in the West, and the way that markets and processors may adapt to the new geography of those crops. […] Read more