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Soil organic freefall

Comparisons that date back 40 years or more in some counties show just how much organic matter we’ve lost, and how hard it’s going to be to replace it

For much of the past decade, provincial extension personnel, certified crop advisors (CCAs) and retailers have talked about declining soil organic matter levels in soils across Ontario. The trends towards intensive farming, shorter rotations, a decline in livestock farming and general practices that focus more on yield are some of the factors cited, together with […] Read more

Continuous rinse system makes sprayer cleanouts easier

Here’s a new way to do sprayer cleanouts that saves time and is great for the environment

Certain jobs on the farm aren’t anybody’s favourites. Repairing a planter in the middle of a soybean field in early June is right up there on that list, and so is picking stones on just about any day. And up there with them is cleaning out the sprayer, which is another of the chores about […] Read more

The next tipping point for Canada’s corn growers

Some Illinois growers are already at the tipping point for resistant weeds. Are Canadian corn growers far behind?

The march of glyphosate-resistant Canada fleabane through Ontario has been nothing short of striking, going from Essex County in 2010 to the Ottawa Valley by 2015. And now other resistant weeds are also spreading. In the U.S., waterhemp and Palmer amaranth are the new “dynamic duo” with their own resistance movement. It’s to the point […] Read more

Dealing with those early weeds

Forget the old arithmetic. Your losses from early weeds are probably much more costly than you’ve ever imagined

In a time of low commodity prices and a growing incentive to maximize profit on every acre, it’s hard enough to accept that some growers are giving up $14 per acre on corn. It’s unfathomable that they might be losing $84 per acre. Yet that’s the startling assessment of the impact of delayed herbicide application […] Read more

Ready for the NEW cost of production?

It's a bit more complex, but a lot more accurate

Calculating your farm’s cost of production (CoP) has been a focus of discussion for more than 20 years. According to some in the agri-food industry, it’s been embraced by more growers in the past 10 years, particularly with cyclically low commodity prices, comparatively higher land costs, plus seed and technology costs and the need to […] Read more

The ‘precise’ in precision agriculture

Making cost-of-production decisions is possible using available software

In the world of precision agriculture, each new growing season seems to bring a fresh batch of brand new technologies, complete with upgrades to existing systems. No question, it can be a challenge just to keep up with the variety and capability of some of these innovations, let alone figuring out which might have the […] Read more

A shareholder plan for farm employees

With family and non-family ownership, Marie-Claude Mainville’s management of this Quebec farm may become a new Canadian pattern

Back in 1979, friends Jan Van Gennip and Orance Mainville decided to join forces to get into the feedlot business. Van Gennip had the farm, Mainville brought his knowledge of cattle and business, and together they formed Fermes Janor. Since then, Mainville (now semi-retired) has been joined by his daughter Marie-Claude, and many partners have […] Read more

Rear view of speaker giving a talk on corporate Business Conference. Audience at the conference hall. Business and Entrepreneurship event. Panoramic composition.

Eastern Canada agricultural conferences in 2018

Kick-start your 2018 with our guide to this winter’s most important meetings and conferences, covering all the topics you want to get updated on, from agronomics and soil health to market trends and technology

Another new year is within sight, and turning the calendar to 2018 promises to bring a wealth of opportunity for learning and discussion — maybe even a friendly debate or two. Every meeting and conference season brings something new, whether it’s the latest innovations in precision ag or data management, or fresh insights into fertility […] Read more

Soybean seedling

New in IP soybean varieties

The market continues to follow the lead built by traited soybeans

The 2017 growing season has yielded an interesting trend which few seem to be aware of. Acres planted to soybeans in Canada reached a new high for this year at 7.3 million, an increase of 33.2 per cent from 2016. Those numbers from Statistics Canada have been something of a surprise for some, especially considering […] Read more

From field to stream

Conservation authorities are working more closely with agriculture on watershed management. Have they found a model that will work?

It’s no secret that agriculture is focused more than ever on the management of soil fertility as well as on balancing inputs with crop demand, which means keeping nutrients where they belong. Phosphorus usage in particular has become a favourite topic of discussion, both on conference agendas and around the tailgates of pickups on the […] Read more