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Small grains like rye are the focus of a pilot project to encourage growers to lengthen their rotations with cereals.

Building interest for small grain cereals

This new initiative hopes to grow demand for small grains by recognizing their environmental benefits

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s everything growers could ask for. Imagine market demand that’s driven by acknowledging the healthfulness of the crops you grow and their environmental and sustainability benefits, plus a premium return on investment so you can afford to plant even more. How many times have growers wanted this kind of market pull in exchange for excellence […] Read more

A sight no one wants to see in soybeans: cupping of the leaves caused by dicamba.

U.S. legal system helps weeds win

Luckily, Canadian producers are still outside the reach of the Ninth Circuit Court ruling on dicamba-based herbicides

Reading Time: 5 minutes In farming circles, the term “less-forgiving” has become more than a cliché. It’s now a mirror on reality. Farmers are already dealing with an incredible list of challenges and complexities, including everything from new seed technologies, concerns about land costs, equipment decisions, commodity markets, trade issues… you name it. Now growers in the U.S. must […] Read more

Use of inoculants — even in long-standing soybean fields — is a cost-benefit decision for a grower.

Soybean inoculant a rare find

This innovative inoculant begins with a new bacterial species, then stacks it with another

Reading Time: 3 minutes Soybean inoculants have undergone considerable change in the past 30 years, evolving from non-sterile to sterile formulations in the 1990s and then to an almost complete reliance on the Bradyrhizobium japonicum bacterial species, with other strains added during the first decade of the 2000s, although primarily as nodulating triggers or plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium (PGPR). Now, […] Read more

The staff at Atlantic Roasted Products include (l. to r.) Paul Nabuurs (son), Anthony Nabuurs (owner and operator) and John Vos (farm employee).

The return of farm diversification

On this farm, widening the base of operations helps achieve crucial management goals

Reading Time: 6 minutes When Anthony Nabuurs talks about agriculture, he looks beyond growing crops and selling what he harvests. Expanding his operation beyond planting, spraying and combining has become a necessity for his farm and for those who work with him, partly because of economics, and also because it helps overcome some of the challenges of farming on […] Read more

“If adding practices doesn’t do anything to create value… why do it in the first place?” – Jonathan Zettler,
Fieldwalker Agronomy Ltd.

A change in mindset on soil

We’ve always talked of soil productivity. Hmmm… what if we talked soil profitability instead?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ordinarily, rebranding is an exercise that involves a change in marketing direction in a changing marketplace or inside a changing company. We see it so often in agriculture. A product gets rebranded because of new use patterns or new tank mixes, or just because of corporate restructuring. Occasionally, though, a concept gets rebranded because of […] Read more

Keeping the corn plant weed and stress free early allows the plant to form a larger cob, up to its genetic potential.

Focus on the ear leaf in corn production

Keeping the corn plant weed and stress free early allows the plant to form a larger cob, up to its genetic potential

Reading Time: 6 minutes It seems every growing season brings something new for growers to manage. Sometimes it’s a new disease or its anticipated arrival. Other years, it’s learning to cope with the impact of weather conditions, or a sudden weed flare-up. It’s a testament to modern agricultural science that the more we learn, the more questions we ask. […] Read more

Taking action or not taking action determines more on yield than most realize. The shorter corn (left) is due to no organic activity in 2019.

A new era of agronomics and genetics for corn

The “how” and the “why” of growing corn are attracting a lot of fresh thinking

Reading Time: 7 minutes Corn production has risen to a new level of importance, both for growers and for the industry that supports them. In spite of market pressures and uncertainty in global trade, growers, particularly those in Ontario, are firmly committed to planting row after row of the crop, basically as much as they can. Yet the reality […] Read more

The Väderstad Tempo F8 E is another high-speed planter that’s available to growers in Canada.

High-speed planting zooms ahead

But is it because of the time savings, or the yield increase?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Hard to believe it’s already been eight years since high-speed planters were introduced in North America. The vanguard consisted largely of European manufacturers like Horsch, Amazone and Väderstad, with additions from John Deere, Precision Planting and, more recently, AgLeader. In that time, more growers have been adopting and adjusting their spring operations to use the […] Read more

What’s happening below the soil has a greater impact on crop performance and yield.

Dig deeper to understand soils

Challenging what we’ve always thought can be enlightening, not disruptive

Reading Time: 7 minutes Traditions and routines can provide stability, familiarity and perhaps a sense of purpose. Yet when they keep us from exploring new possibilities — for whatever reason — there’s less room for meaningful change. Earlier in 2020, Greg Patterson was a presenter at the Certified Crop Advisor (CCA)-Ontario chapter annual meeting in London, Ont., and created […] Read more

Strip till goes mainstream

Improvements in guidance and a focus on soil health are the primary drivers

Reading Time: 7 minutes The concept is simple. With just one pass, run a tillage implement through the field that clears a strip of residue and builds a small ridge that will get the crop off to a fast start next spring because you can plant straight into it, and it will warm faster than the rest of the […] Read more