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Red clover has been a standard in cover crops and there are those who still favour it.

Crunching the numbers on cover crops

The economics can be a challenge, but passionate farmers believe the longer you stick with covers, the more they’ll pay

Reading Time: 6 minutes In the past five to 10 years, few topics have been as polarizing as cover crops. Advocates praise their benefits. Detractors cast doubts. And in the midst of it all, there’s a flood of technological change, whether that’s something simple, like switching from red clover to a different species like oats, or whether it’s going […] Read more

Wheat breeding hasn’t had the same investment level as corn and soybeans, which has slowed the pace of discovery.

The next step to GMO wheat

Argentina has approved a drought-resistant GMO variety. Will it come to Canada?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Bioceres, an Argentine biotech company, has released a genetically modified wheat variety that is both drought-tolerant and resistant to glufosinate-ammonium. Known as HB4, it was approved late in 2020 although it still faces a number of significant hurdles, first of which is convincing Brazil, Argentina’s largest export market, to accept the innovation. Also, of course, […] Read more

Interveinal colouring and chlorotic tissue are clear indications of sudden death syndrome (SDS) in soybeans.

Sudden death syndrome threat in soybeans is climbing

SDS is attracting more attention as a companion of soybean cyst nematodes

Reading Time: 7 minutes In the list of pests and diseases affecting soybean production in Eastern Canada, there are widespread culprits — like soybean cyst nematode (SCN) — and regionalized, almost annual challenges, such as white mould in Eastern Ontario. Nor to be forgotten are diseases like Phytophthora and Rhizoctonia root rots, which have been less frequent in the […] Read more

Introducing the Grain Discovery app during harvest actually proved to be a great learning tool for users.

A new tool to market grain

Here’s a new app and website service that promises more efficient marketing

Reading Time: 6 minutes In the course of a growing season, farmers face even greater challenges to be as efficient as possible. Time is a rare commodity and rapidly consumed by planting, managing, spraying and harvesting crops, tending to animals, making repairs and more. Any process or device that promises to save time gets a close look. But, of […] Read more

Always adjusting, always learning

Always adjusting, always learning

Agriculture’s diversity demands accepting change and making it work to your advantage

Reading Time: 4 minutes In agriculture, diversification thrives when it’s encouraged and nurtured. It not only helps spread risk, it can open the door to new directions and to new ventures that supplement the conventional or create new opportunities. Adam Garniss understands this about as well as anyone. A grower and entrepreneur, he oversees a diversified operation on the […] Read more

A Living Lab tour in September 2019. Researchers are designing their programs using information they’ve heard directly from producers.

Aiming for better, faster farm improvement

This P.E.I. project is pioneering a new way of helping farmers and researchers work together instead of apart

Reading Time: 4 minutes Farming on Prince Edward Island is unlike farming anywhere else in Canada. Rolling hills, a moderate climate and sandy red soil provide unique opportunities for farmers, but also challenges for the environment. Now there’s a collaborative effort to help the island’s agri-food sector generate innovative solutions to issues such as climate change and water contamination […] Read more

It’s recommended that the Hypro 3D nozzle is in a forward-backward configuration to ensure better coverage.

A nozzle approach to spray coverage

Design of this 3D sprayer nozzle began in the U.K. and now has a global reach

Reading Time: 6 minutes Although they’re essential on today’s commercial farms, sprayers typically rank third in importance behind seeding equipment and combines, and maybe that’s fair considering the importance of how the crop starts and how it finishes. Still, there’s no denying that the jobs you do with your sprayer are taking on new importance. Just think herbicide-resistant weeds, […] Read more

Farmers are looking for a solution to glyphosate-resistant Canada fleabane, which is a growing concern.

Can less be more when tackling herbicide resistance?

A coming formulation of glufosinate seeks to cut rates yet maintain efficacy

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the past five years, growers across Canada have been hearing more and more about a new weed control mantra. It’s called “doing only what’s necessary.” Weeds continue to challenge and frustrate in the field, of course, and there are always new issues like resistance in species such as Canada fleabane in the East or […] Read more

Nitrogen demands in corn aren’t large up to V6. Instead, it’s the placement in the root zone and concentration that are important.

Early season N applications

It’s time for a new look at an old nitrogen question

Reading Time: 4 minutes Significant debate has arisen in the past decade as researchers, agronomists, seed company representatives and farmers have tried to determine the best application methods and timing for nitrogen (N) fertilizers. The standard practice used to be to apply everything up front, mostly because it was easier to have it done all in one go at […] Read more

Data co-ops will move agriculture closer to a circular economy, turning “waste” into useful ingredients.

Control, and revenue too

The co-op aims to put farmers in total control of their data, and the income it earns

Reading Time: 8 minutes A generation ago, farmers first got introduced to GPS yield monitors and the way they could document everything that passed through their combines. From that very first exposure, it seemed inevitable the technology would prove a stepping stone to enhanced on-farm management of crops, inputs and soil health. It didn’t happen overnight, of course, but […] Read more