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Earthworms and their castings are one of the more visible soil health indicators.

Precision ‘agronomy’

Precision ag is rapidly evolving, with an emerging suite of benefits for producers

Has any segment of agri-food changed as much in the past 10 years as precision ag? What is certain is that the science’s power to extrapolate data points, generate better maps, recommend specific courses of action and lead growers to higher revenues is unparalleled. The challenge though is still the same: Where to start? For […] Read more

“We’re not able to eliminate the stresses that farmers experience but we can help them build their resilience.” – Dr. Andria Jones-Bitton, University of Guelph.

Admitting you have a mental health problem

Learn to look in the mirror… really look. Dealing with stress and anxiety may never be easy, but it helps if you’re alert for these warning signs

For several years, Wayne Black couldn’t see what was happening. He drove himself to be better as a farmer and then, when he became a sales manager at a central Ontario farm input dealership, he was always striving for the highest results for his customers. But early in 2018, he began to notice that he […] Read more

Note the lack of visual SCN symptoms in these black beans despite field tests showing over 10,000 eggs per 100 cm3 of soil.

Soybean cyst nematode tough in dry beans too

The pest can be especially devastating in certain classes of edible beans

It’s a case of “something old, something new” for growers with edible beans. Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is now a threat to producers with cranberry beans, white beans, kidneys and adzukis. Nematodes have been affecting soybean production in parts of Ontario since the late 1980s, and now it appears they have the capacity to weaken […] Read more

The corn sector has fallen behind in dealing with ear rot diseases at that same time those outbreaks have worsened.

2018 delivered many DON lessons for corn

Last fall’s weather was partly to blame, but so too were the lack of management options and strategies

There can be little doubt that 2018 will go down in the record books as the worst year in Ontario for dealing with ear mould in corn and contamination by deoxynivalenol (DON). Wet weather through silking and then again in much of October and November challenged growers getting into their fields for timely harvesting of […] Read more

The choice is simple: spend an hour cleaning equipment or a more expensive hour in the field spraying.

Hitchhiking pests

Yes, cleaning out equipment takes time, but it’s worth it

When it comes to discussing the scourge of weed management in Eastern Canada, much of the light has shone on herbicide-resistant Canada fleabane and its spread from Essex County to the Quebec border in just five years. The latest weed species that is cause for concern is common waterhemp. It’s been the topic of conversation […] Read more

This is the way farming should look, yet mental health challenges are changing this imagery.

Struggling on the farm

You’re already trained for first aid on the farm. But what about mental illness?

By now, most people involved in agriculture have heard something about depression and anxiety disorders. Whether it’s been through the survey of farmer mental health, started in 2015 and highlighted in 2018, or through the efforts of groups like Do More Ag, word has spread. Now, it’s important that this awareness gets translated into action, […] Read more

The CurseBuster side-fractures the soil leaving it relatively undisturbed, even with a cover crop on top.

A change in equipment vs. a change in mindset

Refocusing attention on soil health is the driver behind newer technologies

A number of years ago, Carl Brubacher looked at his soils and realized something had to change. He’d been relying on a full complement of tillage passes and he could sense his topsoil levels were becoming shallower. What he wanted was to find a way to avoid falling into the trap the U.S. has experienced, […] Read more

Precision agriculture has the power to help growers profit more by growing less, says Dr. Clarence Swanton, University of Guelph.

Profit more by farming less

Based on new University of Guelph research, profitability mapping shows why some parts of the farm will never make money with corn and soybeans

Seldom has agriculture been a model of “cutting back” or “making more by doing less.” Yet when it comes to sustainability, soil health and even profitability, it may be time to explore both of these notions. There are some who insist agriculture in North America is heading in the right direction with recognition of soil […] Read more

Canada fleabane.

New in herbicides for 2019

The latest products on the market reflect a changing mindset in weed control

As winter gives way to spring, growers prepare for another season of weed management challenges. To help, here are new products for 2019, plus some released too late last spring for full distribution. Bayer Infinity FX Newly registered for 2019, Infinity FX is a combination of Infinity (bromoxynil + pyrasulfotole) and fluroxypyr, providing three active […] Read more

The goal of the Browning World Climate Bulletin isn’t to avoid flooding or drought but to prepare for what comes after.

Your business climate

Weather forecasts help you grow better crops. This climate forecast may do the same for your business

On a list of factors influencing yield in corn and soybeans, weather is often cited as having the largest influence on hybrid or varietal performance in the field. Dr. Fred Below, a professor of crop physiology at the University of Illinois, has compiled two lists: the Seven Wonders of Corn Yield and the Six Secrets […] Read more