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A demanding year ahead for soybean markets

With bumper crops expected around the world, soybean growers will need to juggle currency rates, weather anomalies and key demand drivers to find their best soybean price in 2018

Soybeans are a great crop to grow. This is reflected in the 3.1 million acres of soybeans grown this past year across Ontario. Driving from Windsor to Montreal and beyond, soybeans are a common sight. It’s on the other side of the world, though, that China, the world’s biggest consumer of soybeans, imported a whopping […] Read more

What’s in store for corn markets in 2018?

For Canada’s corn growers, it is the best of times and the worst of times

There is no question that growing corn is a rewarding thing to do. Increases in productivity over the last several years have helped farmers boost yields across Canada as well as throughout the greater American Corn Belt. This has led to an abundance of corn on the ground almost everywhere, but with a corresponding drop […] Read more

Watch those corn prices

Sometimes it seems prices are stuck in neutral. But keep your eyes open. Global demand is enormous, and shocks can emerge overnight

Corn is a brilliant crop to grow. Its productivity is amazing, with a planting season here in North America that starts in February in Texas and ends in June somewhere in Canada. With genetics that fight off all kinds of pests, it’s almost like there’s an explosion in the field as the crop heads into […] Read more

Finding hope in 2017 corn markets

It’s easy to be pessimistic due to global corn stocks, but demand is setting new records too. So consider posting some standing market orders, and watch prices daily

Every year farmers go to the field hoping for something better than last year, and even though now is the dead of winter, plans are being made to raise a successful corn crop in 2017. For eastern Canadian farmers, corn has earned its status as the “go-to” crop for the region. A few years ago, […] Read more

Close up of a soybean plant

A year to watch soybean markets

Global soybean supplies are up, but demand is surging too. Any production hiccups could see new market spikes

Soybeans continue to amaze. While 40 and 50 years ago they were relegated to the deep southwest of Ontario, now they are grown increasingly across Canada. When you drive from Windsor, Ont., toward Quebec City, soybean fields dominate the landscape, while acreage climbs in the Prairie provinces as well. Simply put, soybeans are challenging the […] Read more

Taming bearish corn markets

We’re back to the corn prices we saw before the great ethanol boom, but weather is always a wild card

The 2016 growing season in the United States has been excellent for corn production, and it’s making distant memories of the 2012 drought that reduced U.S. corn yields and sent prices into the stratosphere. Such a severe drought doesn’t happen very often. At that time it drove corn futures to an all-time high of $8.49 […] Read more


Soybean marketing will take strong nerves in 2016

Producers will need confidence to pull the trigger once the market has given all that it will give

In Canada, soybean production has been quite a success story. Where at one time soybean production was concentrated in the extreme southwest of Ontario, now it is an important part of cropping plans in an ever-expanding area. In 2016, however, there are many management challenges ahead for Canadian soybean producers. Change is our only constant, […] Read more

Young Maize Corn Crops Leaves in Field

Corn market 2016

How big to go with corn this spring? The answer may be very big indeed

Change is our only constant in agriculture. It seems only a few short years ago that corn farmers in southwestern Ontario used to hope to get 150 bushels per acre come harvest. In fact, much of that hope was confined to the southwest where corn was first grown in the province. In 2015, Ontario grew […] Read more

Green soybean plants

Soybean market outlook

Soybean Guide: When a supply interruption eventually comes, which it will, soybean prices will have to go up to ration demand

Driving through Eastern Canada this summer, you could see the crop everywhere. Fields of soybeans stretched from Windsor, Ont. into Quebec and beyond into New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. And that’s without even mentioning the West. Soybeans have truly transformed the farm landscape over the last several decades. They have become an integral part […] Read more

Silhouette of corn

A year for corn farmers to manage risk

It’s going to take skill to navigate your way to healthy prices in a year when volatile currency markets will make our price swings even wilder

Corn farmers continue to be bedevilled by low corn futures prices. In Ontario just over a year ago, for instance, the December 2015 corn futures price on August 4, 2014 closed at $4.15 per bushel. This year on August 5, the December 2015 corn futures price closed at $3.78. In the history of agriculture, this […] Read more