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Soybean marketing will take strong nerves in 2016

Producers will need confidence to pull the trigger once the market has given all that it will give

Reading Time: 5 minutes In Canada, soybean production has been quite a success story. Where at one time soybean production was concentrated in the extreme southwest of Ontario, now it is an important part of cropping plans in an ever-expanding area. In 2016, however, there are many management challenges ahead for Canadian soybean producers. Change is our only constant, […] Read more

The rapid rise in yields, combined with the outlook for a weak loonie, means corn deserves a close look.

Corn market 2016

How big to go with corn this spring? The answer may be very big indeed

Reading Time: 5 minutes Change is our only constant in agriculture. It seems only a few short years ago that corn farmers in southwestern Ontario used to hope to get 150 bushels per acre come harvest. In fact, much of that hope was confined to the southwest where corn was first grown in the province. In 2015, Ontario grew […] Read more

How do we find that sweet spot for marketing our soybeans with a low dollar and a high futures price?

Soybean market outlook

Soybean Guide: When a supply interruption eventually comes, which it will, soybean prices will have to go up to ration demand

Reading Time: 5 minutes Driving through Eastern Canada this summer, you could see the crop everywhere. Fields of soybeans stretched from Windsor, Ont. into Quebec and beyond into New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. And that’s without even mentioning the West. Soybeans have truly transformed the farm landscape over the last several decades. They have become an integral part […] Read more

The low loonie has shielded our farmers from weak corn prices. But be alert, Shaw urges. Grain and currency markets don’t always move in the same direction.

A year for corn farmers to manage risk

It’s going to take skill to navigate your way to healthy prices in a year when volatile currency markets will make our price swings even wilder

Reading Time: 5 minutes Corn farmers continue to be bedevilled by low corn futures prices. In Ontario just over a year ago, for instance, the December 2015 corn futures price on August 4, 2014 closed at $4.15 per bushel. This year on August 5, the December 2015 corn futures price closed at $3.78. In the history of agriculture, this […] Read more

It is often said that soybeans can be the great liars, since their production potential is often very difficult to measure in season. – Philip Shaw (above)

2015 soybean market outlook

Soybean Guide: Demand is keeping pace with increased production, but will that continue? Here’s what to watch

Reading Time: 5 minutes With every new year come great challenges. For Canadian farmers looking out into their 2015 planning horizon, soybeans are increasingly a large part of that. Where once soybeans were relegated to the deep southwest of Ontario, now there are three million acres in Ontario and 836,000 in Quebec, plus over one million acres in Manitoba […] Read more

”It‘s a long time until the 2015 harvest. There will surely be viable marketing opportunities ahead.“ – Philip Shaw

The market is looking for corn acres

Corn Guide: It may seem like the bears are in control, but global corn demand is amazingly strong

Reading Time: 4 minutes We got here with our eyes wide open. Corn prices have been in a decline since August of 2012 when futures topped out at $8.49 per bushel. Now of course, we are all ready for the ride back up, and the question is how long this will take, and will corn prices in 2015 climb […] Read more

“Despite the bearishness of late 2014, there will be marketing opportunities ahead.”

The soybean market challenge

As the world stumbles into 2015, the job for soybean producers is to figure out where to look for market rallies

Reading Time: 5 minutes Soybeans are often called the great liars, a reputation they get because sometimes the crop looks tremendous in the field, but then fails to yield as much as expected. On the other hand, the yield is sometimes very surprising compared to how poor a soybean stand might look. It’s for this reason that soybeans can […] Read more

Machinery Guide

Getting that crop into the ground quickly, accurately and on time is crucial. Increasingly on today’s farms, innovative air seeders and drills can help us do just that. It’s all about air, and it’s also all about precision placement of seed and fertilizer, which is why this edition of Machinery Guide is all about air seeders.

Reading Time: 3 minutes horsch anderson planting systems ps 40-15 ps 60-15  Horsch Anderson offers the 60-ft. PS 60-15 and 40-ft. PS 40-15 air drills. Both drills have a 19-ft. transport width and a 16-ft. transport height. The five-section PS 60-15 has 48 openers versus 32 for the three-section PS 40-15. These “planting systems” can be used for […] Read more

Machinery Guide

Reading Time: 3 minutes dynamic tire corporation galaxy ag radials The Galaxy line of agricultural tires are imported from China and compete on price. The company says they compete on performance too. The Galaxy line features many farm tires, with the Galaxy Ag Radial R-1 tractor tire offering a highly versatile multi-angle design. The Galaxy Ag Radial has a […] Read more

Corn Outlook 2012

Reading Time: 6 minutes Everybody likes to plant corn. At least it sure seems they do, and with $7 cash prices dancing in the collective memory of many eastern Canadian farmers, it’s hard to blame them. Corn prices have retreated from 2011’s highs, but as we look toward spring 2012, corn planters are poised to roll again. The question […] Read more