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Ryan Kasko is one of five men who make up the Allied Marketing Group in southern Alberta. The cohort are all feedlot owners who have collaborated since 2010 on everything from sharing animal data to bulk purchases.

All for one

This innovative group of Alberta feedlot owners is redefining how to win by acting together

Reading Time: 11 minutes “Let’s get naked.” It’s not a phrase you expect (or probably want) to hear from a group of Alberta feedlot owners. But then again, you may never have met the five individuals who make up the Allied Marketing Group (AMG) in southern Alberta. Getting naked is their cheeky way of telling Country Guide how, metaphorically […] Read more

Small Town USA

Keeping small towns alive, building communities that thrive

Saving our small communities has less to do with keeping our kids at home than giving them reasons to return

Reading Time: 5 minutes Rural communities across Canada know the challenges all too well. Populations are shrinking, and services of all kinds are getting harder and harder to maintain, not only for businesses but also for new Canadians, the disabled, the elderly and those suffering from mental health challenges or addictions. It’s not all doom and gloom though. Doug […] Read more

Guenther: Buffalo bean more than floral for cancer researchers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Buffalo beans adorn the pastures, field edges and even kitchen tables of many Prairie farms and ranches — but the pretty plant is now also being picked for its potential properties as a cancer fighter. Experiments show compounds extracted from buffalo bean leaves have potential to fight a class of cancers that includes multiple myeloma, […] Read more

For Saskatoon-area realtor Jeff Kwochka, as for realtors across the country, when a Canadian farm goes on sale today, the market is the world

The land question

Can you build a sustainable farm on rented land?

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s hard to acquire new dirt. Even if you can convince yourself that today’s spiking land prices are still affordable, competition from other farmers, developers and investors adds up to a red-hot real estate market. And retiring farmers aren’t necessarily selling their acres either, which leaves many young farmers counting themselves very, very lucky if […] Read more