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Real estate apps are already big business in residential markets. If they cut transaction costs, why not in agriculture too?

Selling land by app

When you think of it, do we really need real estate agents in an era with so much technology?

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Find me an app. I’m going to sell the back 40.” Talk is starting to make the circuit that it’s time for automation to take over farmland wheeling and dealing, and it might not be that much of a stretch. As long ago as 2013, which is ancient history for electronic technology, a University of […] Read more

Neil Townsend (left) of FarmLink and Jason Newton of Nutrien discuss farm consolidation at the Grain World conference in Saskatoon on Nov. 28, 2019. (MarketsFarm photo by Glen Hallick)

Grain World: Farm consolidation key to increasing yields

Reading Time: 2 minutes Saskatoon | MarketsFarm — Consolidating farms — going from numerous small operations to fewer, but much larger, farms — is central to improving crop yields, according to grain industry observers Neil Townsend and Jason Newton. Townsend is the chief market analyst for FarmLink Marketing Solutions, while Newton is the chief economist and head of marketing […] Read more

(Dave Bedard photo)

Report shows slower pace for rising farmland values

Reading Time: 2 minutes While lower-valued farmland more often showed a higher rate of increase, and price hikes varied from region to region, Canada’s farmland values on average have booked their slowest year-over-year rate of increase in almost a decade. That’s according to the annual Farmland Values Report from Farm Credit Canada (FCC), in which the federal ag lending […] Read more

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FCC sees increase in Canadian farmland values slowing

Reading Time: 5 minutes Farmland values in Canada, on average, appreciated in 2016 — and while it was less of an increase than the year before, the gain easily beat a bank GIC. Land prices here in Manitoba, which have been rising steadily since 1992, on average gained 12 per cent in both 2015 and 2014. But after four […] Read more

Harvest Aerial View

A shadow on land prices

Purdue University survey offers a stark look at farmland values south of the border

Reading Time: 10 minutes This past fall, harvest stumbled to a finish. In parts of Ontario, combines chewed through spindly, drought-stricken corn on the same days that Prairie farmers drove their machines into swathes that had been buried in snow. It was enough to make those sporadic reports of feedlots shutting down, U.S. crop farms going bankrupt, and Midwest […] Read more

Swaledale, a dale (valley) in Yorkshire. (

England’s farmland prices fall ahead of Brexit vote

Reading Time: < 1 minute London | Reuters –– Farmland prices in England fell by 3.2 per cent in the first quarter of this year — the largest quarterly decline since 2008, weighed partly by uncertainty ahead of the June 23 referendum on European Union membership, estate agent Knight Frank said. Knight Frank’s Farmland Index fell to 19,538 pounds (C$35,881) […] Read more

soybean crop

Six numbers in agriculture to make you stop and think

It isn’t as quiet as you might think on the home front. Yes, today’s farms seem stable, but the next evolutionary wave is gaining energy

Reading Time: 6 minutes The spring rush is over, so now is the time to take a moment and reflect. As you gaze across fields flush with new growth, think about how much things have evolved in the last few years. Although that lone tree out there still leans to the east, and the sun still sets in the […] Read more

aerial view of a canola field

Is it time to sell your land?

Have prices peaked, or will you regret taking the price you can get in 2015?

Reading Time: 3 minutes With the heat leaking out of ag real estate markets north and south of the border, you can almost see landowners starting to ease back in their armchairs, settling in for a good, long wait. As an investment strategy, in fact, that might be a wise choice. All eyes are on the market, wondering if […] Read more

Aerial view of farmland, Canada

Has the price of farmland flatlined?

It may seem like the life has gone out of land markets, but don’t call the morgue just yet

Reading Time: 6 minutes If you get most farmers and landowners to talk about it candidly, most will admit to being a bit awestruck by just how far and how fast land prices have risen. Simon Ellis, a young fourth-generation farmer from near Wawanesa, Man., says he and his neighbours have watched over the past decade as land prices […] Read more

aerial view of corn field

Farm debt ratio in Canada could create an agricultural ‘bust’

Will history repeat itself, with a sell-off fuelled by farm debt?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Are we heading into another bust in agriculture, as happened in the late 1920s and in the 1980s? This is the fear of some farmers, and of some agricultural economists too. George Brinkman, professor emeritus at the University of Guelph, believes Canadian farmers are seriously over-leveraged and that there simply is not enough farm income […] Read more