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For Manitoba vegetable grower Rolland Jeffries, Kelly Beaulieu’s company can create a market for vegetables that used to get rejected because of size or blemishes.

Picking up business

New food-processing technologies are creating a new era of opportunities, including for crops that just get plowed under today

Reading Time: 7 minutes Behind the scenes in Canada’s food-processing industry, countless entrepreneurs are conjuring up new business opportunities by making more efficient use of our crops, including through improved processing and the use of previously wasted portions stock. Watching over and assisting many of these developers is Roberta Irving, who is in charge of business development at the […] Read more


Is direct-farm marketing an opportunity for larger farms?

Reading Time: 4 minutes The growing gap between consumer demand and the ability of the farm business community to meet that demand presents a dangerous vacuum for small farmers, believes Charlie Touchette, executive director of the North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association. It could, he says, become a vacuum that gets filled by corporate entities rather than local producers. […] Read more

Plant of the young corn on field,selective focus

The GMO debate is far from over

The labelling issue is more about perceived risk or benefit than it is about science

Reading Time: 4 minutes With the Vermont GMO (genetically modified organism) labelling law now in effect, a number of companies has begun to voluntarily label all of their products sold anywhere in the U.S. rather than end up having to produce different labels for different states. They are, in effect, treating the Vermont law as the national standard for GMO […] Read more

DNA strand

Hopes grow for gene editing

This safe new technology promises to take us far beyond GMOs. But will consumers let us use it?

Reading Time: 5 minutes A new technology called gene editing promises to pick up where GMOs have fallen short. In other words, with gene editing, farmers and consumers may benefit as much as chemical and seed companies. But for that to happen, farmers must become familiar with this new technology, they must understand what it can offer agriculture and […] Read more

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Selling our consumers

While farmers strive to educate consumers, marketers bend the rules

Reading Time: 5 minutes On January 7, the New York Times covered the news that Campbell Soup would become the first major U.S. food company to come out in support of mandatory GMO labelling. It was the same day that Campbell’s CEO Denise Morrison sent a letter to her employees, saying the policy change came from the company’s focus […] Read more

Pitfalls on the road to value adding

So you’ve got a great idea. But can you actually grow a solid business around it?

Reading Time: 5 minutes At first glance, creating a value-added business may seem a lucrative way to increase profits and employ family members, but the road to success can be filled with potholes. Below, our experts and experienced value-adders list the dangers, and provide advice on how to avoid them. 1. Being star-struck by your own product Gary Morton, a […] Read more

Rather than apologizing for bringing biotech developments to farmers, most farmers and scientists point to societal benefits like the sustainable, dependable production of high-quality, affordable food.

After twenty years has biotechnology really lived up to its promise?

The benefits of biotechnology have been undeniable to farmers, in spite of challenges from resistance

Reading Time: 6 minutes Farmers were practically guaranteed that we were entering a whole new era in agri-food production. Because of something called transgenics, we were going to have higher yields, lower costs, and all sorts of unimagineable farm efficiencies, not to mention that, thanks to this technology, we’d be able to feed the world. But 20 years later, […] Read more