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One of the biggest mistakes people make is waiting too long to tell a child a loved one is dying.

The grieving child

Even in the strongest farm families, we often try to shelter our children rather than help them address the loss of a parent, grandparent or family friend

Reading Time: 5 minutes When a child is facing the death of a loved one, our first instinct is often to try to shelter them. Unfortunately, following that instinct may do more harm than good. One of the biggest mistakes people make is waiting too long to tell a child a loved one is dying, says Andrea Warnick, a […] Read more

Talk to family, friends about farming

Reading Time: 3 minutes This holiday season Melodie Chan wants producers to avoid what she calls the “spiral of silence,” which can happen around the dinner table, over beers or even in the gentle lull between turkey and pie if farmers don’t speak up when they hear misinformation about agriculture. “What are we afraid of?” asked Chan, speaking at […] Read more

Guide HR: Sibling rivalry

… and how to prevent it destroying your family business!

Reading Time: 4 minutes A family business can have many positive advantages, including strong cohesion among members and a shared commitment to success. However, family businesses can also sometimes be highly conflictual and chaotic. It seems your strength can become your weakness. Managing a business with family members creates several issues that can have a huge impact on the […] Read more

Ten things farm moms really want

It would be fun for you to be a fly on the wall of my office when the calls from farm moms come in. They range in age from 33 to 93. Regardless of your age or stage as a farm mom, I bet there are things that you would like to be able to[...]
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Raise resilient kids

How? Share your family stories with them. Research proves it’s a strategy that works

Reading Time: 4 minutes My parents came to Canada from the Netherlands after the Second World War. They came with very little money and only a few words of English, but they had a dream to own their own farm. Through hard work, diligence and a positive attitude, they were successful. But it wasn’t easy and when I have[...]
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Eat together: Have a healthier family

20 years of research proves that sitting down to eat together is good for body, brain and mental health

Reading Time: 6 minutes Here is one thing you can do that will help your kids succeed in school and life, and it’s as simple as making it a habit to eat together as a family. It sounds too good to be true, but true is exactly what it is. That’s according to Dr. Anne Fishel, a family therapist[...]
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Hanson Acres: Their visitor from the east

The moment the plane lands, the questions get started

Reading Time: 4 minutes Dale was on edge as soon as he saw the number displayed on the phone. He considered just letting it ring, but his wife Donna was watching so he took the call. He shuddered as he hung up. “She’s coming,” Dale said. Ever since she’d heard about their father’s stroke, Dale’s sister Margaret had been[...]
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Is your farm ‘too family?’

Guide Life: Put the emphasis on business, family experts say. It will reduce conflict for everyone

Reading Time: 5 minutes For as long as there have been farmers in Canada, we have pointed with great pride to “The Family Farm.” Maybe, however, we’ve been taking too much pride in the family part of our family farms, and by doing so, we may actually be creating more conflict. Winnipeg business adviser and psychologist Pam Paquet suggests[...]
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Succession planning: Deciding who gets to farm

The buzz these days says that succession is a journey, not an event. But who has the map?

Reading Time: 6 minutes An entire industry has built up to support farm succession planning. And for good reason. With a typical farm in Canada worth millions of dollars and requiring numerous staff, and with so many farms having related businesses and supporting two or more families, transition of the business to the next generation involves a lot more[...]
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