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3D printer printing using a butter-based paste.

3D printing: The next frontier in food

Innovation: Global commercialization is already ramping up on projects that were inconceivable only a couple of years ago

Reading Time: 4 minutes While burgers made from plants instead of animals are all the rage today, and many popular restaurant chains are jumping on the alternative-meat bandwagon, a Spanish startup is taking the concept one step further. Novameat has developed a plant-based “meat” that mimics the texture of a real steak — and that can be printed by […] Read more

Blockchain pilot project of the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA) and Grain Discovery, which involved soybeans bred at the University of Guelph, produced by Szentimrey Seeds, grown at Minten Farms, stored at Beechwood Agri Services, processed at Ying Ying Soy Food in Mississauga, and distributed by FreshSpoke to retail stores.

Real blockchain payoffs

Sure, a lot of what you hear about blockchain technology is hype. But there are also very real pathways to higher net returns

Reading Time: 10 minutes By now, we’ve all heard about the new kid on the ag tech block, known as blockchain. But we’re far from understanding what the use of blockchain is going to mean at the farm level. What benefits will it provide? Will its chain-of-custody and traceability for identity-preserved (IP) crops, including seed, keep Canada competitive? Is […] Read more

The new AmaSpot sprayers use sensors that can detect weeds and spray chemical only where needed, even at night.

Amazone sprayers go high tech

Is this the next brand you should look at in sprayers?

Reading Time: 4 minutes There’s no shortage of short-line ag implement manufacturers, and in almost any of them, the corporate executives will tell you they are now playing in a crowded marketplace. But the head of Germany-based Amazone is more bullish, saying his firm has the recipe for growth, and that he’ll be able to continue finding new markets […] Read more