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Weather guide – for Aug. 30, 2010


Sept. 5-11:Mainly sunny with highs often in the 20s in the south but one or two cooler, blustery days bring periodic rain. Frost threatens northern areas.

Sept. 12-18:Mostly pleasant apart from scattered rain activity on a couple of days this week. Seasonal to mild temperatures. Frost patches north.

Sept. 19-25:Frost central and north, otherwise seasonal to mild. Fair overall but a disturbance brings heavier rain on two or three days. Chance of snow north.

Sept. 26-Oct 2:Seasonable to mild and mostly fair but scattered rain occurs on a couple of occasions. Frost patches central and north. Windy at times.

Oct. 3-9:Mainly settled but look for intermittent rain near mid week, chance heavy in places. Blustery. Frost pockets central and north.

Oct. 10-16:Unsettled, windy with rain on two or three occasions, possibly heavy in places. Variable temperatures. Frost, chance of snow central and north.


Sept. 5-11:Sunny overall but heavier rain threatens on a couple of days. Seasonal to mild. Unsettled north with occasional rain, gusty winds.

Sept. 12-18:Seasonal to occasionally mild. Brisk winds. Fair skies interchange with rain. Frost areas central and north.

Sept. 19-25:Frost central and north with a threat in the south. Otherwise seasonal to mild. Fair skies aside from scattered rain on a couple of occasions. Blustery at times.

Sept. 26-Oct. 2:Seasonal to mild under fair skies but a couple of cooler days bring rain and a chance of frost south, more definite central, north.

Oct. 3-9:Mostly settled but heavier rain and gusty winds threaten on a couple days. Seasonal temperatures south. Frost and some rain and snow north.

Oct. 10-16:Changeable weather with occasional heavier rain on cooler, windy days, changing to snow and rain north. Frost in a few areas.


Sept. 5-11:Sunny with seasonal to warm temperatures on most days but a weather system threatens with heavy rain and gusty winds on two or three days.

Sept. 12-18:Mostly sunny although rain occurs on a couple of days this week. Blustery at times. Chance of heavy rain in places.

Sept. 19-25:Generally fair with highs often in the teens. Frost threatens New Brunswick. Scattered heavier rain with brisk winds at times.

Sept. 26-Oct. 2:Fair and seasonal to mild on several days but frost patches in western areas. Scattered rain on a couple of days, possibly heavy in places. Occasionally windy.

Oct. 3-9:Unsettled with alternating fair skies followed by rain and gusty winds. Seasonal to mild but frost occurs in a few areas on a couple of clear, cool nights.

Oct. 10-16:Intermittent heavier rain and gusty winds on two or three occasions, otherwise expect fair skies with seasonable to cooler temperatures. Frost patches.

September 5 to October 16, 2010


Cool outbreaks are expected to chill the west coast while a contrasting warm, moist circulation will prolong summer-like weather in Eastern Canada. The cool flow in southern British Columbia will be accompanied by several wet spells, resulting in heavier than usual rainfall there. Meantime from Manitoba eastward to Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces, temperatures are likely to remain above normal values. In spite of this, frost can be expected to end the growing season in most areas of the country during this period. Near normal rainfall can be expected in the above areas although a few intense weather systems are likely to dump heavy rain on many portions of Atlantic Canada. Between the cool air to the west and the mild air in the east, expect average temperatures and precipitation in northern B. C., Alberta and southern Saskatchewan.

Prepared by meteorologist Larry Romaniuk of Weatherite Services. Forecasts should be 80 per cent accurate for your area; expect variations by a day or two due to changeable speed of weather systems.



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