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GUIDE WEATHER – for May. 10, 2010


May 23-29: Changeable and blustery at times. Shower or thunderstorm activity on a couple days, risk severe in places. Seasonal to warm south, cool, showery, frost threat northwest.

May 30-June 5: Mainly sunny with highs in the 20s, except cooler near the lakes and northwest. Scattered showers or thunderstorms, possibly heavy in places.

June 6-12: Generally sunny with seasonal temperatures most days. Passing showers and thunderstorms on two or three occasions this week.

June 13-19: Warm, sunny and quite humid on many days this week. Scattered shower or thunderstorm activity. Cool with occasional rain or showers in the northwest.

June 20-26: Muggy and warm in the south with a few highs near 30. Isolated thunderstorms, some locally severe. Sunny, seasonal with a few thunderstorms elsewhere.

June 27-July 3: Warm, sunny and hazy. A couple of hotter, more humid days trigger localized heavy thunderstorm activity.


May 23-29: Sunshine and pleasant temperatures south but expect some rain or thunderstorms on two or three occasions, chance heavy in places. Blustery at times. Cool, frost risk north.

May 30-June 5: Highs peak in the 20s south and teens north most days. Sunny apart from heavier showers, thunderstorms here and there.

June 6-12: Sunny overall with seasonal temperatures but look for a couple of cooler, breezy days with occasional rain or thunderstorms.

June 13-19: Generally sunny and warm this week although a couple of warmer, humid days set off heavy thunderstorms. Cool, showery north.

June 20-26: Sunny and warm weather prevails this week in spite of heavier showers or thunderstorms in a few localities.

June 27-July 3: Humid and quite warm in the south with sporadic heavy thunderstorm activity. Sunny, seasonal north with a few thundershowers.


May 23-29: Partly sunny and seasonal but also expect a couple of cool, wet, blustery days this week. A slight frost risk inland.

May 30-June 5: Frequently sunny with seasonable temperatures but look for fog, blustery winds and some rain on two or three days this week.

June 6-12: Mainly sunny with temperatures often in the teens on the coasts and 20s inland. Scattered rain amd showers on a couple of days.

June 13-19: Pleasant and warm overall aside from shower or rain activity on two or three occasions. Scattered thunderstorms west.

June 20-26: Variable weather. Sunshine with scattered rain in the east, showers or thunderstorms west. Warm inland, cooler, foggy on the coasts.

June 27-July 3: Mostly sunny with warm temperatures. Scattered showers and fog along the coasts and east. Isolated thunderstorms west.

May 23 to July 3, 2010


The longest days of the year and warmer temperatures will combine to bring pleasant weather to most of Canada in this period. The only exception may be in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and northwest Ontario where a cool northerly circulation is expected to delay spring somewhat, resulting in frost and even some snow well into May. However a warming trend is anticipated thereafter. Meanwhile, a westerly circulation off the Pacific will push warm and relatively dry weather into British Columbia. Across the rest of Canada, including Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces, expect typical spring and early-summer conditions with near-normal temperatures. Rain, showers and thundershowers will become more common across the country in this period but rainfall amounts, in general, should end up close to normal. Be on the lookout for severe thunderstorms which could produce heavy rain, hail and strong winds at a few localities from time to time.

Prepared by meteorologist Larry Romaniuk of Weatherite Services. Forecasts should be 80 per cent accurate for your area; expect variations by a day or two due to changeable speed of weather systems.



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