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Plus, a new Bobcat compatible with 40 or more attachments

What’s new? At this time of year, that’s a question that applies to a lot of things on the farm, from the weather forecast to the crop plan, the commodity price outlook, and of course, machinery. This is that “in between” time, after the farm shows and before the ground is quite ready. This past winter, in between launches for tractors or new sprayers, there were some machinery items that don’t always fall into the regular categories. Yet they’re functional, practical and well worth a look.

Deflector kits for planting treated seed

Farm equipment: John Deere deflector kitThis spring, government agencies have issued bulletins alerting growers to the limited availability of deflector kits for their negative vacuum planters. At issue is the link between neonicotinoid seed treatments and a significant number of bee kill incidents in 2013. Currently, Kinze and John Deere have expansion boxes available, although it should be noted that some planter manufacturers may not support warranty or performance claims with an installed deflector. Producers should view corn planter deflectors in the same way as choosing the proper nozzle on a sprayer to reduce drift. Ontario, for one, is urging producers to contact their equipment dealer to determine what’s available. Kits may be eligible for financial assistance from the Growing Forward 2 program.

John Deere ExactEmerge High-Speed Planter

Farm equipment: John Deere ExactEmerge planterTime is money and John Deere has come up with a new high-speed planter billed to increase your overall efficiency. The Exact-Emerge planting system claims to provide precision seed placement at speeds up to 10 m.p.h. (where conditions permit). There’s more to hiking productivity than just boosting the speed through the field, though, so the ExactEmerge also employs electric metering, including a 56-volt electrical system that serves as the enabler. The challenge at higher speeds is to avoid bouncing the seed as it’s released to the seed trench and to get better placement with greater consistency. That has been accomplished with a brush system that reduces the drop distance to as little as two inches, along with a new seed bowl that provides better singulation.

Bobcat Tier 4 5600 and 5610 Toolcat

Farm equipment: Toolcat with augerQuick and agile with the latest in emission standards and improved traction, the Bobcat 5600 and 5610 Toolcat are Tier 4-compliant and take full advantage of an enhanced traction control system, capable of sensing speed differentials and adjusting to any ground conditions — soft, hard or under snow and ice. The traction control system complements the Bobcat’s four-wheel independent suspension system. At 61 horsepower, the 5600 and the 5610 are compatible with more than 40 front-mounted attachments to help with installing fences, removing snow or sweeping. Either of these two-passenger machines can handle a range of challenging jobs, including hauling, towing or lifting.

Yetter 2940 Air Adjust System Series

Farm equipment: Yetter Air Adjust planterMaking on-the-go adjustments in today’s business of farming not only saves time, it can lead to more acres planted per day. That’s possible with Yetter’s 2940 Air Adjust series of products, from the residue manager to a coulter/residue manager combo and other units. The key to the Air Adjust system is the source. Farmers can choose from hydraulic or electric compressors from Yetter or stay the course with an existing hydraulic compressor. All of these options can connect with the easy-to-read, in-cab controller, with a digital screen and buttons that allow for precise adjustments. That means growers can make up or down pressure adjustments without leaving the cab. Push-button simplicity allows the operator to increase down pressure in no till or conditions with heavy residues, or decrease the down pressure in lighter-residue situations.

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