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Guide Health: Are probiotics as good as they claim?

While probiotics are mostly considered safe, some people may need to avoid them

Probiotics seem to be everywhere these days. You find them as capsules on store shelves and as ingredients in food products, and they’re even available through internet shopping. Probiotics are promoted for a wide variety of conditions, but the main use is “good intestinal health.” Your intestines contain more than 100 trillion (yes, trillion!) micro-organisms […] Read more

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The right apology

A thoughtful apology can rebuild trust. A poor one just makes matters worse

Although Canadians are known for saying “sorry” even when someone else bumps into us, this is more of a reflex and a nicety than a genuine apology. Unfortunately, when it comes to making real apologies, i.e. the ones that count when it comes to restoring the trust of those we’ve hurt or offended through our […] Read more

Mature Woman Experiencing Hot Flush From Menopause

Guide Health: Hormones for menopause. Yes or no?

Women need to balance the risks versus the benefits of treatment

Menopause symptoms like “hot flashes” and “night sweats” are a big problem for every woman who experiences them. Yes, the symptoms will pass, but in the meantime you’re just miserable. Hormones like estrogen are involved in keeping your body temperature within a normal range, and when their levels decline in menopause, body temperature regulation is […] Read more

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Guide Health: Proton pump inhibitors. Too much of a good thing?

Proton pump inhibitors excel at stopping heartburn, but there can be problems

If you have ever experienced heartburn or indigestion and have taken a proton pump inhibitor drug, you know they work great. Sites in your gastro-intestinal tract known as proton pumps, “pump-out” stomach acid in order to digest food. But if they overproduce acid and it is refluxed upward, they contribute to your stomach complaints. Gastrointestinal […] Read more

C’mon, get happy!

‘Plastician’ Jen Moss tells us why happiness is the right goal if you really want to drive the profitability of your business

Making more money this year would make me very happy. But what if just being happier is what it takes to make our farm more profitable? Clearly, this sounds too good to be true, so I went to Jennifer Moss, the author of Unlocking Happiness at Work. She’s also the co-founder of “Plasticity Labs,” a […] Read more

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Farmers, take care of yourself

The truth is that farming is hard on your mental health. So take this advice, and protect yourself

When Stewart Skinner returned to the family farm near Listowel, Ont., after university, he was eager to put what he had learned into practice. Despite careful planning, however, adding a second sow herd in a rented barn did not go well. As hog prices fell and corn prices soared, the operation was losing money, and […] Read more

Guide Health: The new opioid therapy

In some cases, opioid treatment provides little benefit while risking dependency and overdose

In May 2017, the Canadian Medical Association Journal published new opioid therapy recommendations for chronic non-cancer pain. (The recommendations do not apply to acute pain, such as a broken bone or after surgery, and they do not apply to pain associated with cancer.) It is estimated that 15 to 19 per cent of Canadians live […] Read more

Get more from conferences

Here’s how to profit more from the time and money you invest in your own training

Long after you have returned from a conference, have you ever stumbled upon your notes, only to realize you never did anything with what you learned? Worse, have you even had to admit that now, because so many months have slipped by and you’ve forgotten so much, you can’t remember why it was that you […] Read more

Guide Health: Restless leg syndrome

Why is this condition under-recognized?

Restless leg syndrome is just what its name suggests, an uncontrollable urge to move your legs, especially at night or late in the day. Restless leg syndrome can also create unpleasant sensations in the legs, sometimes even deep within the legs. These symptoms are most noticeable at rest, such as when you are in bed, […] Read more

Guide Health: Blood clotting — new alternatives to warfarin

Advances in anticoagulants offer people more treatment options

You probably take your blood’s ability to clot for granted. You cut your finger, and somehow the bleeding stops on its own! However, if you have a disease or condition for which you need to prevent clotting, you may take an oral or injectable anticoagulant. Atrial fibrillation is a type of irregular heart beat that […] Read more