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Ontario cereals lab filling nationwide demand

Reading Time: 3 minutes Grain Farmers of Ontario and SGS Canada took a risk in creating the Grains Analytical Testing Laboratory, as a partnership bringing wheat testing to a province with a comparatively small wheat crop. After eight months, and a first harvest of wheat analytics, the Guelph lab’s manager says they have found there is interest in the […] Read more

Wet wheat weather watched worldwide

Reading Time: 2 minutes CNS Canada — Generous rainfall has benefited but also boosted the risk of disease on wheat crops in much of Canada and the U.S., and has also cut into grain quality in parts of Europe. However, according to Drew Lerner of U.S. forecast agency World Weather Inc., conditions during the harvest season will be the […] Read more

Prairies’ harvest a tale of two wheat crops

Reading Time: 2 minutes CNS Canada — Prairie farmers are in the final stages of harvesting the 2015 wheat crop, and while yields continue to beat earlier expectations, there’s a distinct quality difference between crops harvested early and those harvested late. “In our country, all of the grain was top grade, but anything that was left out at this […] Read more

Feed barley looking bearish

Reading Time: < 1 minute CNS Canada –– Seasonal harvest pressure is starting to weigh on feed grains in Western Canada, while quality downgrades to crops still on the field may put further pressure on values going forward. “There are quite a few bearish indicators out there,” said Kyle Sinclair, of CorNine Commodities at Lacombe, Alta. For starters, early yield […] Read more

Higher-quality wheat likely in store for Prairies

Reading Time: < 1 minute CNS Canada –– Western Canadian farmers are seeing higher-quality wheat crops this year, which would help meet pent-up demand for quality within the market. However, producers might not reap the rewards as much as they would like, one market analyst warns. Wheat buyers will be looking for better-quality and higher-protein wheat, since Canada disappointed on […] Read more

Prairie wheat mildew report

Mildew led to widespread downgrading in 2014, but the crop’s overall quality outlook is still positive

Reading Time: 3 minutes This past fall, mildew has been one of a number of downgrading factors affecting the Prairie wheat harvest to a greater extent than last year, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all bad news for finding markets for milling quality wheat. Each fall Cigi (Canadian International Grains Institute) receives samples of the different wheat classes […] Read more

Testing the quality of the 2014 wheat harvest

Here’s how Cigi figures out if your wheat will make good bread

Reading Time: 3 minutes Helping customers make wise buying decisions is an important part of customer service. This is especially true when buyers are purchasing significant quantities of a commodity produced thousands of kilometres away — like wheat grown in Western Canada for example. For over 10 years, Cigi (Canadian International Grains Institute) has completed an annual harvest assessment, […] Read more

There are many food products made from medium-protein, medium-strength wheat.” 
— Ashok Sarkar

Growing market

CPSR wheat is a class that’s attracting a lot of attention abroad for possible food uses

Reading Time: 3 minutes Canada Prairie Spring Red wheat is considered a great livestock feed wheat here in Canada, but it’s also ideal for a variety of human food applications, especially in other countries, says Ashok Sarkar, head of milling technology at the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi). The quality characteristics of CPSR — exceptional milling performance, medium protein […] Read more