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Deciding about technology

Why do some farms leap ahead in technology while others wait? The reasons aren’t what you think

Four robots at New Galma Dairy near Ingersoll, Ont., milk the cows while a second automated system finds its way around the barn feeding cows and heifers by itself and a third machine beds the cows without human intervention. Calves can decide when they want milk from a machine that identifies them and gives them […] Read more

Farmer-made hay dryer boosts quality

Chinook bale dryer uses spikes to dry bales from the inside out

Chris Martin saw how hay bale dryers were working in Quebec and thought that the concept would work on his farm in Ontario. And he figured he and his brother could make one that worked even better. Three years later, they have their dryer working – but not perfected – and have sold one other […] Read more

Cellulosic sugars co-op offer improves, hosting baling demos

First demonstration takes place on Nov. 14 in Watford, Ont.

Farmers continue to sign up for an Ontario co-operative that will pay them for their corn stover and wheat straw. Brian Cofell, general manager of the Cellulosic Sugar Producers Co-operative (CSPC) says that the co-op has about 40 per cent of the acres committed that it needs by next fall, when it plans to harvest […] Read more

Big trends drive diverging high and low income food interests

Panel discussed the future of food and the widening disconnect between growers and consumers

There are larger issues driving food trends that should give farmers opportunities to open conversations with people in the food movement. The challenge is starting that conversation. Jayson Lusk, the head of the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University, told the George Morris AgriFood Policy Lecture on the future of food that influencers are […] Read more

Agricultural vehicle harvesting sugar beet on cultivated field

Co-operative hopes to increase Ontario sugar beet acres

Industrial-use sugars could be used to create bio-based polymers

A plan to use Ontario-grown sugar beets for production of industrial-use sugars could grow Ontario acres of the crop by 30,000. The Ontario Innovative Sugarbeet Processors Co-operative (OISPC) was formed to investigate the possibility of supplying companies with sugars, being increasingly used to create bio-based polymers. The organization had BioIndustrial Innovation Canada (BIC) do a […] Read more

From hogs to hops

Quebec farm family focuses on supplying local markets with a variety of hops

When Francis Gagné’s family decided to get out of hog production, it prompted the St. Bernard, Que. farmers to go through a process to decide how it wanted to diversify. The family had some flexibility. It continued to grow traditional cash crops and with space for 50,000 broilers, there was cash flow. Gagné says they […] Read more