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VIDEO: Curbing clubroot in Ontario canola

During a recent canola growers’ day at Arthur, Ont., Dan Orchard, an agronomist with the Canola Council of Canada, brought his years of experience managing clubroot in Alberta to Ontario growers. Canola fields affected by clubroot were first found last year in Ontario. With some diligence, Orchard said, the problem should be able to be […] Read more

Close up of a soybean plant

Ontario not yet hit by dicamba drift issues

There appear to be few dicamba drift problems in Ontario, unlike in other soybean-growing areas in the U.S. Three U.S. states, Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee, have restricted the sale and use of dicamba herbicide due to drift issues affecting crops and other plants. There are reports of dicamba drift across other major soybean-producing states. Jason […] Read more

Big rains put Ontario crops under water

Time is now the factor for submerged crops if they are to remain healthy

A huge rainfall across midwestern Ontario has put fields of crops underwater. The rain, overnight June 22, totalled four to eight inches in an area from Goderich to east of the Grand River, flooding towns built generations ago along the rivers, forcing cattle to higher ground and leaving growing crops covered in water. Low points […] Read more

VIDEO: Hog farmers at Ontario Pork Congress optimistic

Glacier FarmMedia’s John Greig attended the recent Ontario Pork Congress in Stratford, Ont., and spoke with the chair of Ontario Pork about the future of the province’s pork industry and what role international markets are likely to play in the coming future.

Garlic growers look to develop certified seed

A certified program would help build a knowledge base for pest control measures

The Ontario garlic industry is gradually working to create a cleaner seed supply, which should help reduce disease transmission on cloves. “There is no certified seed in Canada at this time,” says Joann Chechalk president of the Garlic Growers Association of Ontario, and a Smithville, Ont. garlic grower. “Other countries are developing it. Spain and […] Read more