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Lisa Nemeth, Cigi’s new technical specialist in winter wheat, says the integrity of wheat classes is best maintained by not mixing them.

Winter wheat isn’t spring wheat

Ever wonder why buyers get so upset at the idea of mixing winter wheat with a shipment of spring?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Commercial bakeries need dependable flour to achieve consistent end-product quality, which means that traits such as extensibility, protein content, and water absorption must remain the same with each flour shipment. Millers around the world choose Canadian wheat because of its reputation for consistency among shipments, year after year. Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) is regarded […] Read more

Testing the quality of the 2014 wheat harvest

Here’s how Cigi figures out if your wheat will make good bread

Reading Time: 3 minutes Helping customers make wise buying decisions is an important part of customer service. This is especially true when buyers are purchasing significant quantities of a commodity produced thousands of kilometres away — like wheat grown in Western Canada for example. For over 10 years, Cigi (Canadian International Grains Institute) has completed an annual harvest assessment, […] Read more