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Operating on their own, these autonomous tractors will help eliminate the on-farm labour crunch.

The ag-robots are here

Get set for the biggest change since the invention of the tractor

Reading Time: 6 minutes Standing in front of a fully autonomous T8 tractor, New Holland’s vice-president, Bret Lieberman summed up what the company is telling its people in just two sentences at this year’s U.S. Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa. “This industry has evolved considerably over the last 100 years,” Lieberman said. “I don’t think that any of […] Read more

The U of R AgBot Challenge team (l to r): Joshua Friedrick, Assoc. Professor Mehran Mehrandezh, Caleb Friedrick, Sam Dietrich (kneeling).

A new era on the farm begins

We’re living at the dawn of the robot as hired farmhand

Reading Time: 6 minutes A friend has been keeping me posted by email about her trouble finding a full-time employee for the family farm in Saskatchewan. If it didn’t represent such a serious problem for the operation, the details would actually be pretty funny. A few — how do I say it? — less-than-adequate applicants are all her efforts […] Read more

An onboard computer can receive instructions from a GPS map or the tractor can be driven around a field boundary and told to plan its own job route.

The first true robot tractor

Machinery Guide: The Greenbot autonomous tractor hits the market

Reading Time: 3 minutes Complete automation may well be the dominant focus of ag machinery design in the coming decades. We’ve already seen various levels of robotics introduced into conventional equipment, and a few limited-use autonomous machines have appeared. But no company has yet been willing to offer fully autonomous, market-ready tractors for general field duties — until now. […] Read more