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Father and son swung their legs from the wooden pier on mountain lake

Guide HR: Vacations: Why do you need them?

Levels of stress, anxiety, and burnout have never been so high across all industries, but we see it particularly in the farming business. Even though technology purports to simplify our lives, we’re experiencing more and more over-investment in work. Many farmers tell me they’re exhausted, with no time to catch up. Moreover, everyone wants it […] Read more

Guide HR: Nine tips for innovation

Innovation can be successfully harnessed on today’s farms. Here’s how

Some farmers seem to have a talent for developing new markets, new products, or new and better ways of getting things done. They innovate. Is that talent something they were born with? More to the point, can your enterprise promote innovation and creativity? Does environment contribute to innovation, and can you, as a leader, support […] Read more

Guide HR: Can you develop a thriver’s mindset?

These seven steps will help you thrive, not just survive

We face challenges and disappointments. What is it that determines whether you will overcome these and thrive, or merely survive? Some people have developed a thriver’s mindset. They are masters of challenge and change. They grow during difficulties by leaning into stress, and by relying on special resources. There is good news, however. Science is […] Read more

Guide HR: A question of charisma

Good leaders seem special. It’s a talent you can grow

People with charisma stand out. It’s a trait that we associate with leadership — that something special that makes an individual seem exceptional. But it turns out that charisma has little to do with good looks, wealth, titles or authority, and although it can seem that individuals with charisma must have inherited it at their […] Read more

Guide HR: Declutter your life

Be happier and more productive

Today, people have a lot more “stuff.” Houses are bigger, there is more storage space, and with new technology, online “clouds” store our virtual photos, videos, and documents. It seems as though there are an infinite number of spaces to accumulate “stuff.” Is it good to have so much stuff? Does all this stuff actually […] Read more

Guide HR: If the roller-coaster goes on too long

Be watchful of what are seen as less-severe mood swings

If it sometimes feels like your roller-coaster never really stops, maybe you suffer from cycloth­ymia, a mild version of bipolar disorder. You wouldn’t be alone. I have met dozens of producers who have this disorder, and who come to see it as the source of their misfortunes. Obviously, they consult me when they’re “down” because, […] Read more

Young Couple Having Argument In Kitchen At Home

Guide HR: When the fuse is too short

“My family is all a bit hot-headed. I am like my father and grandfather. We get angry quickly, but we cool down fast. The problem is that when I’m angry, I don’t really think about what I’m saying or doing.” Strong emotions, whether positive or negative, significantly affect our judgment. They impair our ability to […] Read more

Goldfish in aquarium

Guide HR: A goldfish is sharper than you (thanks to smartphones)

We think we do more in this age of instant information, but the quantity and quality of our work actually suffers. We lose on every metric: health, productivity and relationships

Researchers recently surveyed 2,000 Canadians and also studied the brain activity of 112 individuals using electroencephalograms. What they found is quite intriguing. Canadians’ average attention span was 8.25 seconds in these studies in 2015. In 2000, it had been 12 seconds. The average attention span of a goldfish is… nine seconds. How did this happen? […] Read more