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The need for learning never stops, and neither — fortunately — do the opportunities

Reading Time: 6 minutes [UPDATED: Dec. 7, 2018] Time and again, the past five to 10 years have proved that winter on the farm is no time for hibernating. Instead, winter in farming circles is for learning and for developing new skills. It’s for sharpening pencils on farm management practices, and for opening the door on opportunities, whether that’s […] Read more

Global Food Security Conference – 2018

Reading Time: < 1 minute Can’t make it to Saskatoon for three days of biotechnology discussion focused on building a sustainable and secure food environment for the planet? We can help. You can view it live here. The Emerging Technologies for Global Food Security conference in Saskatoon brings together some of the most interesting and influential people working in food […] Read more

Eastern Canada agricultural conferences in 2018

Kick-start your 2018 with our guide to this winter’s most important meetings and conferences, covering all the topics you want to get updated on, from agronomics and soil health to market trends and technology

Reading Time: 4 minutes Another new year is within sight, and turning the calendar to 2018 promises to bring a wealth of opportunity for learning and discussion — maybe even a friendly debate or two. Every meeting and conference season brings something new, whether it’s the latest innovations in precision ag or data management, or fresh insights into fertility […] Read more

Get more from conferences

Here’s how to profit more from the time and money you invest in your own training

Reading Time: 5 minutes Long after you have returned from a conference, have you ever stumbled upon your notes, only to realize you never did anything with what you learned? Worse, have you even had to admit that now, because so many months have slipped by and you’ve forgotten so much, you can’t remember why it was that you […] Read more

Your winter agricultural conference scheduler

Get set to build your priority list of too-good-to-miss opportunities at 2017’s meetings and winter conferences

Reading Time: 5 minutes Every year, as farmers begin turning their attention to the planting season, you can feel their sense of optimism start to grow. Yet before the first fertilizer spreader spreads its first tonne, and before the first shank sinks into the soil, or before the first planter drops the first seed in a furrow, there’s the […] Read more

Leap into 2016 with these agricultural meetings and conferences

There are great learning opportunities in the meetings, conferences and information sessions early in the new year, so here’s help to maximize your take-homes

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s no secret that margins, timing and opportunity are all pretty tight these days. Quite simply, there’s more riding on your performance, both in the office and in the field. That’s why the winter season, with its multitude of offerings for meeting, networking and learning has become so important. It’s also why Country Guide is […] Read more

At conferences, speakers like Saskatchewan’s deputy minister of ag Alanna Koch chart a path for women’s progress.

Agriculture’s glass ceiling

If gender isn’t a big issue on the farm, why are so many women signing up for women’s organizations and conferences?

Reading Time: 5 minutes So maybe today’s farmers don’t absolutely need the muscles of a Schwarzenegger, especially on farms with employees. Still, that doesn’t mean the door is open to women farmers, or that our modern agricultural system is really as modern as we like to think. Women who want to farm do face challenges not experienced by their […] Read more