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Farm kids often get plenty of experience on the production side of the business, but aren’t taught about budgeting or financial statements.

How to make your kids more financially literate

Don’t overlook how powerful it is to teach your children about managing money on the farm

Reading Time: 4 minutes Financial literacy is essential for everyone, but it is particularly critical for farmers. Defined as “the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being,” it’s a must in modern agriculture. Parents agree. They want their children to be financially independent. Yet Stephanie Szusz, who works in […] Read more

For Ontario’s Larmer family, on-farm child care is a safety, economic and educational issue. But, says DFRFR co-ordinator Katelyn, even successful programs, are under pressure.

Teeter totter

Farming parents need accessible, high-quality child care for their children. Can they get it?

Reading Time: 10 minutes When Donalee Jones and Scott Mowbray returned to their home town and began farming near Cartwright, Man., in 2008, the couple assumed that when things got busy, the family that they planned to have one day could easily be looked after by Scott’s parents, who lived on the yard of the Mowbray’s 2,000-acre grain farm. […] Read more

Raise resilient kids

How? Share your family stories with them. Research proves it’s a strategy that works

Reading Time: 4 minutes My parents came to Canada from the Netherlands after the Second World War. They came with very little money and only a few words of English, but they had a dream to own their own farm. Through hard work, diligence and a positive attitude, they were successful. But it wasn’t easy and when I have […] Read more

Build your kids’ math skills

To excel at farming, your children will need better math skills than they may be getting at school. Here’s how to help

Reading Time: 4 minutes Despite the billions of dollars spent on education each year, student math test scores continue to fall in most of Canada. The alarming statistics don’t bode well for the success of future generations. Like reading, math is a fundamental skill, necessary for success in life and work. John Mighton who established JUMP Math, a tutoring […] Read more

Sing and read with your child

... it sets them up for a life of farming success

Reading Time: 4 minutes When you play pat-a-cake with your baby, you might think you’re just enjoying a fun game. However, child experts say rhymes, songs, and finger play actually help our children develop early literacy skills and build the foundations for a lifetime of learning. Language and literacy do more than open up the possibility of academic achievement, […] Read more