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Green Hectares

For young farmers, here’s a new model in education through networking and mentoring

Reading Time: 5 minutes Matthew Gould apologizes for taking a second while telling me about Green Hectares to check if his post digger has gotten clogged with mud again. “It’s still a little wet in places out here,” he explains, although I quickly come to see that nothing could be more fitting. After all, he isn’t just vice-chair of […] Read more

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Break an egg

Alberta’s new EPIC plant finds extraordinary value in what used to be a very ordinary farm commodity

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you’re looking to break some eggs, set your GPS to the city of Lethbridge. Egg breaking is becoming southwest Alberta’s newest way to make money. There, in a refurbished dairy plant, you will find a new business called EPIC, which stands for Egg Processing Innovations Cooperative.  It’s owned by the United Egg Farmers of […] Read more