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Raymond Ngarboui.

Putting down roots in Canadian soil

With farmers like Peter Nikkel helping Raymond Ngarboui, refugees from the world’s trouble spots are getting a new chance

Reading Time: 13 minutes Before we even exchange our first word, I get a sense of Raymond Ngarboui. When we meet, he’s on the phone with a refugee settlement counsellor who asks if he might have garden plots available for two families from Burundi, recently arrived in Winnipeg and feeling stressed and isolated. This is 43-year-old Ngarboui’s side-project but […] Read more

A scene from The Birds and the Bees.

All the farm’s a play

Mark Crawford finds life on the farm an ideal apprenticeship for success as a side-splitting Canadian playwright

Reading Time: 5 minutes These days, Mark Crawford says he’s at a point in his career where his family no longer worries about him in what can be a crazy profession. And for good reason. This summer his fourth play in four years, Boys, Girls, and Other Mythological Creatures, is premiering in Ontario, and his first play, Stag and […] Read more

From left: Jean-Charles Chapais, Thomas Crerar, Harry Hays.

Farmers who made our country

As sesquicentennial celebrations get underway, here are three farmers you may not have heard of, but will want to remember

Reading Time: 7 minutes As Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2017, we’ll hear a lot about how the fisheries of the Grand Banks and the forests and the lucrative fur trade of the interior helped build our nation. We’ll hear less about the unique contribution farming has made to this country, but farmers have played an oversized role […] Read more

At first glance, the vegetation still looks green and lush, but Trenia Arana knows that the land’s moisture is evaporating.

Growing concerns for a world in flux

In Central America, where so many Canadian farmers vacation in winter, a changing climate means its farmers need more than tourist dollars

Reading Time: 9 minutes Trenia Arana speaks of the knot she feels in the back of her neck, caused by the tension of trying to figure out what to do about her family’s situation in the midst of a drought dragging through its second year in western Nicaragua. For the past decade, Arana has been farming full time, but […] Read more

For Stephane Lacasse, the challenge is to find the best business tools to achieve financial goals, and also a valued way of life.

The business of Arctic char fishing in Nunavut

Even north of the Arctic Circle, the business of producing food is real business

Reading Time: 6 minutes When he lists the challenges of operating a business in Canada’s northern reaches, Stephane Lacasse, general manager of Kitikmeot Foods in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut mentions Mother Nature. Twice. It’s enough to make him sound like a farmer. That impression gets even stronger when he continues his list by saying that having a Plan B is […] Read more

Uganda’s small family farms largely missed out on the Green Revolution. But maybe that’s an advantage.

Uganda decides: go big or go small

Morrison Rwakakamba is a presidential adviser. He is a farmer too. In this African country, that puts him at the heart of some of our planet’s most vital issues

Reading Time: 6 minutes Like any farmer anywhere, Morrison Rwakakamba feels that farming is in his DNA, yet this 35-year-old finds himself pulled in two directions — home to his farm in the southwest corner of Uganda, but also to the city and to the corridors of power in the capital Kampala where he has been appointed special adviser […] Read more