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“It takes a little time to build that trust,” Jochum admits. But taking control of marketing increases his control of his farm’s future.

Active marketing on the farm

On these farms, marketing is no longer a matter of waiting for the right price

Reading Time: 7 minutes No matter how closely they watch the skies, farmers can’t control the weather. Nor do they have any influence over the amount of volatility in their markets. But pricing? Well that, says Irmi Critcher, is one aspect of farming that producers can exercise some control over, and that she works hard at. “You can put […] Read more

Sonia and Gordon Decker

It’s two careers

For Gordon and Sonia Decker, the key to success is to make their roles on the farm into rich, rewarding careers

Reading Time: 7 minutes Farming demands great decision making. Solid takes on agronomy, machinery, commodity markets and finance are just the price of admission these days. To thrive, farmers must deploy all that knowledge both for long-term goal-setting and also to make countless moment-by-moment decisions in the field and in the office, often under enormous pressure. They must also […] Read more