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The beef industry has a great environmental story to tell, and farmers are seen as credible sources.

Beef advised to play to its environmental strengths when sharing story

Consumers need to hear more about the positive relationship between beef and grasslands, experts say

Reading Time: 4 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – As environmental concerns and social pressures prompt people to change buying behaviours, more products are under scrutiny, particularly beef.  “Beef is one of our most beloved foods. From fast food to backyard barbecues to steakhouses, we have a relationship with beef that is deep and long-lasting,” said Bob Froese, chief executive officer […] Read more

Amy Kitchen stands at the door to a greenhouse at Sideroad Farm.

Direct farm marketers shift gears during pandemic lockdown phase

Direct-to-consumer farm marketers learn to manage businesses that have grown much quicker than they expected

Reading Time: 6 minutes Glacier FarmMedia – Nestled in the colourfully chaotic flower garden encompassing Sideroad Farm, Amy Kitchen’s sun-browned face flits between appreciation and concern.  Sixteen months past the initial pandemic lockdown in March 2020, Kitchen is in the enviable position of having her Grey County organic on-farm business rocket past its five-year growth plan.  “There’s a lot […] Read more