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Researcher Dilantha Fernando says the goal is to introduce genetic resistance to fusarium and minimize the need for fungicides.

University sets its sights on fusarium

This major U of M lab program hopes to stop fusarium before it starts

Reading Time: 4 minutes Protecting crops from the ravages of fusarium is a never-ending job for investigators like Dr. Dilantha Fernando and his staff at the University of Manitoba. The most common species of the pathogen is fusarium graminearum, commonly known as fusarium head blight (FHB) or fusarium scab. It’s a cereal crop pathogen that has become the most […] Read more

Clubroot galls on a canola plant.

The threat for canola

Two canola diseases have got researchers worried

Reading Time: 4 minutes Protecting any crop from plant diseases that lurk in the soil or in the stubble is a never ending battle for farmers and researchers. Often, however, it’s even worse in canola, as becomes clear with a quick look at clubroot and blackleg. Both attack canola and while scientists and farmers are doing their best to […] Read more

The right time for soybeans

If there’s one thing soybeans won’t tolerate, it’s late planting

Reading Time: 4 minutes The optimum seeding time for soybeans throughout most of Manitoba is the end of May. It isn’t a date you want to miss, but you’ll also want to get the right seed. Whether you’ve grown soybeans before or are planting them for the first time, you’ll have the most success if you choose carefully among […] Read more

It isn’t about bigger or smaller equipment, says farmer Henry Holtmann. It’s all about how efficiently you farm.

Data collection, integrated systems are the changing face of farm equipment

Precision farming is giving more farmers the power to control how many acres they need to crop

Reading Time: 5 minutes The colours of agriculture are changing. Today a trade show is a patchwork — three shades of green, several types of red, the standard blue and even some yellow. But farmers aren’t just looking at the colour of the paint when they shop for tractors and implements these days. According to Henry Holtmann, vice-chair of […] Read more