Lentil prices rise with Prairie rains, Asian demand — September 19, 2014

CNS Canada — A lentil watcher says Canadian prices for the crop are surging higher right now, in response to frequent Prairie rains and international demand. “It’s more than your usual slow rally, it (the market) spiked higher; especially the greens, which are shooting up right now,” said Chuck Penner of LeftField Commodity Research in […]

Dry and warm, continued — September 19, 2014

Daytime highs continued in the high teens to mid-20s C across much of the Prairies Thursday with nearly no precipitation in the picture. Highs Thursday were around 18 C in much of the Peace region and got as warm as 26 C in southern Alberta, 29 C in southern Saskatchewan and 25 C in southwestern […]

Manitoba edible bean yields ‘all over the board’ — September 18, 2014

CNS Canada — Harvest of edible beans is underway in parts of Manitoba, with yields reported as variable so far. Yields on pinto beans have been reported as anywhere between 1,500 and 1,800 kilograms per hectare so far, with a range of 2,000-2,100 kg/ha on kidney and cranberry beans, according to Dennis Lange, farm production […]

Have you got green standing canola in mid-September? — September 17, 2014

Consider swathing canola now — or at least a few days before the next expected killing frost, according to Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development’s oilseed specialist Anastasia Kubinec. And if standing canola is frozen, be prepared to swath it as soon as possible, she said in an interview Monday. Swathing too soon can reduce […]

Man. soybeans surviving recent unfavourable weather — September 17, 2014

CNS Canada — Many areas of Manitoba have seen unfavourable cool, wet conditions recently, with frost reported in some areas — but the province’s soybean crops seem to be holding up OK. Frost seen on Sept. 12 and 13 caused some damage to soybean crops in the province, but it was mostly minimal, said Dennis […]

Crop damage limited from freeze in northern U.S. Midwest — September 16, 2014

Chicago | Reuters — The first freeze of the season hit the northern U.S. Midwest corn and soybean belt over the weekend, but the weather did not stay cold long enough to cause major damage to crops, agricultural meteorologists said on Monday. “There was some frost and a few light freezes but nothing that was […]

Calif. governor OKs bills to regulate groundwater amid drought — September 16, 2014

Reuters — California Governor Jerry Brown signed a package of bills on Tuesday to regulate California’s stressed groundwater supplies amid a drought that is expected to cost the state US$2.2 billion in lost crops, jobs and other damages, with no end in sight. The bills will allow the state to take over management of underground […]

Crop damage varies across Prairies — September 16, 2014

CNS Canada — Last week’s Prairie frost seems to have bitten Alberta crops the hardest, but all across Western Canada, crop experts say wet, cold weather poses challenges to late-stage development. In Alberta, a hard frost came the night of Sept. 10 and morning of Sept. 11. “The cereals and canola that were least ripe, […]

‘Average’ Manitoba corn harvest pushed back — September 15, 2014

CNS Canada — A southern Manitoba corn agronomist says most corn farmers in the province can expect to see average yields this season. “Normally harvest would begin in late September but I would be surprised if that happened. I think it will be the first or second week of October,” said Morgan Cott of the […]

Late harvest to hurt Prairie winter wheat seeding — September 15, 2014

CNS Canada — Monday (Sept. 15) marks the full coverage crop insurance seeding deadline for winter wheat in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, with Alberta farmers having until the 20th or 30th of the month, depending on their location. A late harvest this year, however, has prevented some farmers from getting the crop seeded in time. “Unfortunately […]