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Canopy closure leads to better weed management, uniformity of stand and ultimately better yield.

Grow soybeans like corn

Increasing your management intensity with extra attention to weeds, pests, uniformity and canopy closure

Reading Time: 10 minutes Proponents of big yields often make the same observation. Whether it’s in corn with American record holders Francis Childs or Herman War­saw, or it’s in soybeans, with Dr. Gary Ablett at Ridgetown Campus once peg­ging our potential soybean yield at 250 bu./ac., the talk always turns to “attention to detail.” Yet what confounds Eric Richter […] Read more

Prairie soybeans still heading west

The relatively disease- and pest-free honeymoon may be coming to an end in Manitoba, but soybeans continue their march west

Reading Time: 5 minutes It was yet another record year for Manitoba soybean acreage, with 1.6 million acres of what is now the province’s third-largest crop behind wheat and canola. But as the crop becomes more established, and with the wet conditions this year, diseases are starting to show up, which is presenting challenges for agronomists and changing priorities […] Read more

What’s new in soybean varieties for Eastern Canada in 2017?

Disease packages join newer herbicide-resistance technologies at the top of the value list

Reading Time: 13 minutes Last year, the big news in soybean varieties could be summed up in one technological term: Xtend, which became part of the fall lineup for many of the seed companies. Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show was abuzz with talk about Xtend, with demonstration plots aplenty, and all sorts of signage promoting the new system’s platform, Roundup […] Read more